Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount

  • Flexible shoulder-chest strap
  • Bequeme Anpassung und perfekte Passform

Rugged durability and a streamline fit are two of the aspects which serve to define this unique camera shoulder strap provided by Rollei. Why would such an accessory be so convenient? There are many times when vigourous outdoor activities dictate that a camera cannot be held in one's hand. Some common instances when this is invariably the case can include:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Hiking
  • Vertical climbs
  • Surfing
  • Skydiving

So, it is critical that the user be provided with a stable mounting platform for his or her Rollei ActionCam. This combination shoulder-chest apparatus provides just such a convenient option.

A Camera Shoulder Strap Designed for Demanding Conditions

Unlike some other harnesses, this strap will firmly fit over one shoulder while wrapping around the torso. This is an excellent means to provide an even greater sense of mobility when performing delicate tasks. Through the use of large Velcro pads, this unit can be quickly adjusted to suit nearly any body frame. However, it will also remain tightly in place. Removal is easy and it can be washed much like any other garment.

Numerous Cameras Supported

This strap and harness has been engineered to work with a wide variety of Rollei cameras. Models such as the 3S, 4S, 5S and 5S WiFi are all able to be easily attached. Advanced versions including the 6S WiFi, the S-50 and the 7S WiFi can also fit. Note that other varieties may not be able to be properly mounted.

If you have been seeking a secure and yet comfortable platform to record your next excursion, this item is indeed quite impressive. Offering unparalleled levels of mobility alongside a firm mounting system, such a Rollei product can be yours to have.


Width 22 cm
Height 23 cm
Depth 8.2 cm
Weight 581 g
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  • Rollei Bullet HD Youngstar

    Can I use this product on Rollei Youngstar?

    Answer: The Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount can be used with the ROllei Youngstar.

  • zur Bullet HD 2

    wann ist der Schultergurt wieder lieferbar?

    Answer: Der Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount ist ab ca. dem 22. April 2014 wieder erhältlich. Allerdings ist dieser nicht für die Rollei Bullet HD 2 geeignet.

  • compatability

    Is this compatible with a go pro? Thank you

    Answer: The Rollei Chest Mount is compatible with GoPro cameras.

  • go pro

    Can I use this with a go pro? Thanks

    Answer: The Rollei shoulder chest mount can be used with cameras that support mounts that are fixed by a tripod screw.

  • Rollei actioncam 100

    is it compatible with rollei action cam 100?

    Answer: The Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount can not be used with the Rollei actioncam 100

  • Rollei actioncam S-40 Wifi

    is it compatible with rollei actioncam S-40 wifi?

    Answer: The Rollei S-40 WiFi is compatible with the Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount.

  • Rollei racy

    Can rollei racy be used for this Chest mount

    Answer: The Rollei Shoulder-Chest Mount is not compatible with the Rollei Racy Full HD.

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