Rollei Underwater Case 6S/7S

Explore the sea’s depths with the Rollei Underwater Case

If you’re sick and tired of capturing bad, unclear and blurry footage underwater, then the underwater case 6S/7S from Rollei is exactly what you need. This waterproof camera case is Rollei’s new addition to the camera accessory segment, sporting an innovative design and boasting some of the best features in its category. Capture amazing and clear footage underwater, explore your aquatic realms and have fun with the new Underwater Case 6S/7S.

A unique accessory to take along on your vacation and holiday

If you like travelling and spending time on, in and under water, then the underwater case is one camera accessory that you must not forget to pack. The 6S/7S underwater case has an extra flat lens, making it extremely efficient in capturing crisp and clear stunning underwater photos and videos. It’s perfect for depths of up to 100 metres and highly suitable for professional and amateur divers or little explorers.

Swimming and diving are very popular all around the globe, so why not make a unique photo album of all the remote locations you have visited or plan on visiting in the near future? Just mount the Rollei waterproof camera case on your camera and start recording or taking pictures of all your nautical adventures. The underwater case also has a shock resistance of up to three metres, protecting your camera from damage in case of accidents, which makes it perfect for your little loved ones to use.

The 6S/7S underwater case can also be mounted on various Rollei kits and cameras. While it’s absolutely perfect for the Rollei Surfing Kit set, you may be surprised to find that this very useful and practical camera accessory is compatible with quite a few other devices.

Underwater Case 6S/7S, the accessory you’ve been waiting for

If your professional or amateur camera is sitting in a corner soaking up dust, then the Rollei waterproof camera case is exactly what will make it the best thing to pack on your endeavours. Turn your camera into a waterproof camera in seconds, and start snapping and recording unique, captivating footage while swimming and diving.

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  • Go pro

    Does the Go pro accessoires fit on the Rollei 6S systeem. Like this red filter. or other lens options?

    Answer: We can't give informations abour Go pro Accessoires. We just know which Accessoires fit with our Action Cam

  • Mounting system/ underwater case 6s/7s wifi

    Hello, can you tell me what kind of connector the underwater case has on the bottom? Is it a standard 1/4 inch hole as commonly used for tripods or something else? Thanks in advance,

    Answer: Yes, it is a standard 1/4 " hole.

  • filter

    Does diving filter adapter for S5 fit on underwater case S6?

    Answer: No, the filter set for 5s Diving and s50 wifi won't fit to the housing of the Rollei Actioncam 6s/7s wifi.

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