Rollei Waterproof Case S-50

  • 3 meters shock proof
  • 60 meters waterproof
  • Operating temperature: -20°C up to 60°C

It is no secret that filming your extreme activities and adventures can be challenging. This is even more relevant should you decide that you wish to record an underwater excursion. There are numerous factors that should be kept in mind and thanks to proprietary innovations at Rollei, these requirements can easily be met. This waterproof Rollei case can support depths of up to 60 metres; perfect for the professional diving enthusiast. It is shockproof up to three metres and most interestingly, it will provide a secure seal between the temperatures of -20 degrees and +60 degrees Celsius.

Obtain Crystal Clear Pictures With This Waterproof Rollei Case

Many filming methods involve curved lenses. Naturally, this can serve to distort the overall picture. This case comes equipped with a flat lens. Therefore, you can enjoy absolutely lifelike imaging during your next excursion. However, the benefits do not stop here.

It should be mentioned that this case is designed specifically for the S-50 WiFi camera manufactured by Rollei. It will not accommodate other models, as their dimensions differ. Still, the shockproof nature of this unit will afford the user second-to-none levels of durability under even the most demanding of conditions. As unique materials enable the case to handle a wide variety of temperatures, it can be used in arctic freezes as easily as it can be employed in tropical climates.

As with many other products that are offered by Rollei, this waterproof housing is backed up by various warranties to suit individual needs. With your new waterproof case, you will not be leaving this piece of equipment behind.

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