Rollei WIFI Remote Control 6S/7S

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Handheld and body-mounted cameras are both quite useful when performing a host of physical activities. However, there are also times when you may instead wish to place your camera in a different location to enjoy wider shots, such as when hiking with a group of friends, enjoying a game of football or watching a motocross race. During these and countless other instances, this WiFi remote control is an excellent alternative to consider. As with all Rollei products, there are a few key features which will provide additional benefits that should be mentioned.

The Amenities of this WiFi Remote Control

This device can be used with both the 6S and 7S wireless versions of the Rollei ActionCam. It is extremely lightweight and can easily fit into your pocket or rucksack. A clip holder will also enable you to mount the control on your belt or chest strap for easy access.

While indeed quite small, expect to enjoy a host of powerful possibilities. A range of up to 100 metres will enable you to place your camera far away to obtain wide or panoramic shots. For ease of viewing, a convenient LCD screen is built into the device so that you will be able to see what it is that you are recording (much like with a traditional digital recorder). Four buttons will allow you to adjust the angle of the lens while start and stop features provide you with one-touch control.

These are but a handful of the numerous benefits that are offered in this wireless remote control. As with all Rollei products, expect nothing less than quality, versatility and reliability. Get ready to enjoy crystal-clear recording capabilities thanks to the use of this innovative device.


Width 7.7 cm
Height 4.6 cm
Depth 1.9 cm
Weight 59 g
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  • Rollei 6S remote control

    Is the remote control waterproof?

    Answer: No, the remote control of the Rollei 6s wifi is not waterproof.

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