Rollei Actioncam 430

Our most powerful Actioncam
Rollei Actioncam 430
Rollei Actioncam 425
For your special
moments in 4k
Actioncam 425
Rollei Actioncam 415
Robust High Flyer
with FullHD
Actioncam 415
Rollei Actioncam 300 Plus
The entry class
with HD resolution
Actioncam 300 Plus

Actioncams are ideal for those who want to let their friends share in video form their outdoor sport, their motorcycle trips, their vacations and similar experiences. Social networks and on-line video platforms allow easy distribution of these fast-paced and novel clips.

Actioncams and GoPro*-compatible accessories

The Actioncam is the core element in an extensive system for outdoor sports photography. It must be sturdy, offer high-quality images and display rapid motion cleanly and neatly, while being able to save/store in real time. An underwater housing accessory not only protects Actioncams when snorkeling and scuba-diving but it also makes them splash and dust-proof in any environment.

Of course, the real fun with an Actioncam only starts when you have the right accessories, which you can select individually depending on the intended purpose and the kind of sport that you practice. At Rollei you will find an extensive selection, not only for our cameras but also for the widely available GoPro* models. Make particularly sure that you have a suitable mounting so that the camera doesn’t get lost and is always perfectly aligned. High-tech adhesives and suction cups permit easy attachment of the Actioncam, even to smooth surfaces such as helmets, motorcycle tanks or surfboards.