Rollei Actioncam 400

  • Full HD video resolution 1080p / 30 fps
  • Photo 3 megapixel resolution
  • Time Lapse Photo Mode Off 5,10,15,20,30,60 sec.
  • Powerful 3-megapixel sensor
  • 180° turnover shooting
  • 40 meters waterproof

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  • Battery

    How long can you make videos before the battery is empty?

    Answer: You can record about 75 minutes with activated WIFI function and about 110 minutes without WIFI when your battery is fully charged.

  • Remote control

    Is the remote water proof?

    Answer: The remote is only spraywater protected.

  • memory card

    What is the recommended maximum size of SD card to be used with this unit? Also, can you recomend any particular type?

    Answer: You can use micro SD cards up to 32 GB. They should be class 10 for the videos.

  • Charging while filming?

    Is it possible to charge the cam during recording? For example in a car while driving.

    Answer: Yes it is, but you would need a special USB cable that can be obtained in different electronic stores but not via ROLLEI directly. These cables are being used with Dashcams too - they do not block the data flow while charging the unit.

  • chraching

    Hello. How do I know that my camera is complitly charged? Thank you

    Answer: The battery charging LED on the side of the camera should turn off if the camera is fully charged.

  • files

    How can I watch my files without taking the sd card out or plugging the cable in the computer?

    Answer: Please push the record button for some seconds - the cam will switch into photo mode. Please push the record button again for some seconds and the camera will give you the choice between replaying a video, a photo or a video shuffle.

  • Shipping

    Why don't you ship to Greece?

    Answer: We are working on this and will offer shipments to Greece soonest. Thanks for your Kind patience.

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