Rollei Actioncam 6S WIFI

  • 16.0 Megapixels
  • 150°-Wide-angle lens adjustable in 4 steps (150°/120°/100°/80°)
  • 180° turnover shooting
  • Full HD video resolution (1080p)
  • Super Slow Motion
  • Video Time Lapse function
  • Continuous Shooting
  • Integrated WIFI (40 meters range)
  • Easy access via Smartphone/Tablet PC via App (iOS/Android)

The 6S is a full hd wifi cam you can’t afford not to have

Wave your old camera goodbye, because the 6S WIFI is here to steal the show. With 16MP still shots and full HD video resolution, this camera delivers outstanding material. Is there a geyser you’ve been meaning to record in full swing? The 6S WIFI will be there to capture the entire thing in burst mode. Is there a bike stunt you’d like your daredevil friend to see with his own eyes? The super slow motion function should do the trick. Is there a carnival parade you’d like to capture in its entirety? Have the 6S WIFI, with its 150 degree wide-angle lens, with you and the stage is yours.

Your 6S full hd wifi cam is fearless

Pair your Rollei Actioncam 6S WIFI with an underwater protective case and take it up to 100 metres beneath the surface for some colourful reef footage that will leave your viewers speechless. Bring along an oxygen tank, because this full hd wifi cam will be rolling 145 minutes worth of video on a full charge. Then download the 32GB of data on your PC or Mac and it’s back to the drawing board! With adjustable frames and intervals for continuous shooting and video time lapse, you won’t miss a thing.

If you don’t particularly like the idea of being in the midst of the action, you can use the integrated WIFI function to operate your camera from up to 40 metres away with the help of a Smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android.

The 6S WIFI Actioncam is where the action is

Don’t waste time and money on second-best cameras. Have a Gaskrank-recommended camera with you on your adventures and share the thrill of the moment with friends, family and customers instantly.


Width 6 cm
Height 4.3 cm
Depth 4.6 cm
Weight 113 g
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  • Questions

    The camera is waterproof? to how many meters? The camera has wifi? Whats the resolution and large as the dispaly?

    Answer: The camera 6s wifi is waterproof up to 100m. The wifi transmitter is included to the delivery content and the display has a 1080p full HD Video resolution (16.0 megapixels) with 180° turnover shooting mode.

  • question for 6S

    what is included in the box of the cam ?

    Answer: You can find the following products in the box : Rollei Actioncam 6S WiFi, Removable Display, Underwater Protective Case with 2 exchangeable Rear Panels for diving (1x for use with display and 1x for use without display), Camcorder Plate, Standard Mount, 2-Pin Mount, 1 Flat Adhesive Pad, 1 Curved Adhesive Pad, Rechargeable Lithium- Ion Battery, USB Cable, Manual and CD.

  • underwater case

    is the underwater case included in the price of 259,99 euros ?

    Answer: Yes, the underwaterhousing is also included

  • waterproof

    Is the rollei 6s wifi waterproof without the diving house

    Answer: No, you have to use the underwater housing to make it waterproof.

  • camera memory

    Hello. What kind of memory card? Thanks and best regards.

    Answer: The 6s wifi can be operated with SDXC micro memory cards up to 64 GB. Please note that you will have to format the card to "FAT32" before using it!

  • minimal distance and charging while operating 6s wifi

    Hi, Could you please tell me what the minimal distance is to get a sharp image? (5s and 6s please). Could you also tell me if it is possible to charge the camera while operating it? Regards!

    Answer: The minimal distance should be 1m. It is not possible to charge the camera and operate it at the same time.

  • Battery / 6s wifi

    what is the power of the battery and the operating time

    Answer: The power of the battery is 1500mAh and it'll last for about 145minutes when fully charged - depending on the settings. The maximum SD card that can be used is 32 GB. The camera can furthermore be charged and operated at the same time.

  • wifi

    Hello. What is the wpa code for the wifi ? Actioncam 6s wifi. Thanks

    Answer: The code for the 6s wifi camera is "12345678".

  • wifi 6s

    need to know how can I connect my rolllei cam to wifi thanks

    Answer: Please activate the wifi on your cam by using the slide button on the front. After that, please search for the cam in the network settings of your phone and connect to it by using the password "12345678".

  • Max Micro SD card

    The datasheet shows max. 32Gb and your Q&A says max 64Gb Micro SD card. Which is correct?

    Answer: Sorry for this mistake, but the camera can only take up to 32 GB. Furthermore, these cards have to be formated to FAT32 first.

  • windows 8.1

    Can I use my nokia Lumia 630 Phone (windows 8.1) use for wifi with Rollei 6s

    Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer a Windows phone app.

  • 6s wifi

    what is the password for the wifi mode? My mobile requires a wifi password to connect.

    Answer: The wifi code is "12345678".

  • slow motion

    how i activate super slow motion ??

    Answer: You can activate the super slow motion of your 6s wifi like this: - enter the replay mode - choose a video that has already been recorded - press the arrow button on top of the cam that is pointing to the right hand side and press it for about 5 seconds - in the video there should appear a "1/4" symbol The video will now be replayed in super slow motion.

  • Slow Motion

    Tell me please how can i activate the super slow motion setting ?

    Answer: You can activate the super slow motion of your 6s wifi like this: - enter the replay mode - choose a video that has already been recorded - press the arrow button on top of the cam that is pointing to the right hand side and press it for about 5 seconds - in the video there should appear a "1/4" symbol The video will now be replayed in super slow motion.

  • Accessories

    Is this camera compatible with gopro accessories

    Answer: No, you can use the Gopro accessory on the Rollei 6S Wifi only with an adaptor.

  • Battery charger

    Does this camera require an external charger or can you charge it using the usb cable.

    Answer: You can Charge the camera Rollei Action Cam 6S Wifi via USB Cable.

  • Harness

    Can you use the gopro chest harness and car suction cup with this camera

    Answer: As the 6s wifi has a 1/4" thread and the GoPro mounts come with a 2PIN adaptor, you cannot use them together unless you are using an adaptor. Our new Actioncams like 300,400 and 500 do have the 2PIN adaptor so you can use them with the GoPro mounts too.

  • water problem

    while i was doing spearfishing in 5 to 6 meters depth ..after a few dives there was water inside the case even though i was using antifog pads.why s pls

    Answer: We deeply regret that you are having troubles with your cam and would like to apologize for all the inconveniences. Please send the cam and underwater housing and also the battery to our service center in Greece if you are located there. Please enclose a copy of your receipt and a short note describing the fault. The address is: PHOTOMEDICAL SOLUTION LTD.; YMITOU 188; GR- 13616 PC PAGRATI - ATHEN

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