Rollei CarDVR-100

  • 5.0 Megapixel
  • 6.1 cm (2.4") TFT colour display
  • Full HD video resolution (1080p)
  • Integrated battery (470 mAh)

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  • mio 358

    Hello, As far as the motion sensor and quality of the lens how do you rate your camera sincerely, Alexander Haidei

    Answer: This car camcorder offers a good quality regarding the motion sensor and the lens.

  • Sound quality

    Incriedible sound record quality. What can i do?

    Answer: Please send a sample video of your Rollei CarDVR-100 with sound to

  • Emergency video recording

    Hello, when the G-sensor detects, the emergency video is automatically saved in a specific "locked" file ? Thank you

    Answer: The emergency videos of the Rollei CarDVR-100 are saved in a special folder named "EMER" and can't be deleted from the camcorder.

  • Time limit for recording

    Hello, how can i remove a time limit when recording if i want to record continuously?

    Answer: All dashcams like the Rollei CarDVR are working with a loop function and can't be set to record in only one file.

  • Memory Card

    Is it possibile to use 128GB SDXC cards?

    Answer: With the Rollei CarDVR you can use a microSDHC cards up to 32GB, Class 6 or faster.

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