Rollei CarDVR-200 WiFi

  • 160° wide angle lens
  • 5.08 cm (2.0") TFT colour display
  • Super HD video resolution (1296p)
  • Integrated battery (700 mAh)
  • Integrated WiFi

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  • GPS

    Kann die GPS Funktion nachgeruestet werden, so dass die Kamera dann der CarDVR-210 entspricht?

    Answer: Leider ist es nicht möglich, die CarDVR 200 Wifi fähig zu machen bzw. dies nachzurüsten.

  • WiFi

    Why can't I find the camera on the my WiFi Network. The possible Options are senseless. Local -> Need to connect the phone directly to the camera, even if I have a mobile WLAN Hotspot. Cloud -> Connects to my WLAN, BUT needs to find the camera via Cloud servers (12 seconds (!) delay), even if I am on the same network. That is just rediculous!

    Answer: You just have to search for the camera in your wifi settings on your smartphone and connect to it. WIFI does not mean internet access, but only a WIFI function on the camera to be able to connect to smartphones.

  • Settings

    How can I change the data and time setting on the LCD window? Regards

    Answer: You can only change those settings by using the free app.

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