Rollei Dual CarDVR-1000

  • Simultaneous video recording with front camera and rear camera
  • Starts recording automatically after power on
  • 2k video recording (1440p/30fps) (only front camera)
  • Built-in GPS module – track and view the exact vehicle location with Google maps
  • Incl. video software with route display (Software in English language)

Rollei Dual CarDVR-1000

Car DVRs (Car Digital Video Recorders) make continuous recordings of your car journeys. Attached to the dashboard or windscreen (with a suction cup mount), the dashcam’s integrated wide-angle lens means it can be positioned to capture the entire journey as seen from the perspective of the driver. In many countries, dashboard cameras are now an essential part of in-vehicle equipment, and these state-of-the-art devices are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

Dual CarDVR-1000 – reliable, all-round photo and video recording

While most dashcams only record in the direction of travel, the new Rollei CarDVR-1000 shoots front- and rear-facing still photos or video from inside your vehicle. This useful feature is made possible by the primary camera for dashboard or windscreen with a high-resolution, 3.0” (7.62 cm) TFT LCD in vibrant colour on the back, and a highly compact rear-angle camera that comes with a user-friendly mounting system – offering you reliable recording in both directions at once.

Location services from Google Maps and a 3-axis G-sensor for accident recording

The Rollei Dual DVR-1000 is fitted with a reliable GPS module that continually logs the exact route taken by your vehicle. Afterwards, you can use Google Maps to retrace your recorded journeys. Video is stored on an optionally-available microSDHC memory card, with support for cards up to 32 GB. For longer journeys, the dashcam ensures continuous recording by overwriting older data on the card. To ensure that the exact circumstances of an accident can be investigated after the event, a highly-sensitive 3-axis G-sensor will deactivate this overwrite feature if the vehicle suffers a major impact. The options for submitting and allowing dashcam footage as evidence in legal proceedings are currently the subject of intense debate by the European courts.

A personal record of your days out and road trips

The Rollei CarDVR-1000 is bundled with an English-language video package on CD, which you can use to make video documentaries of your drives, days out and holidays, and share them with friends on social networks. Brilliant video quality is assured by the front camera’s 2K resolution, automatic white balance and focus-free lens. The CarDVR-1000 naturally comes with a built-in microphone that lets you add an in-car commentary to your video, and also features a loudspeaker and a HDMITM Mini-D port for viewing your recordings directly on your TV.


Width 9 cm
Height 5.7 cm
Depth 3 cm
Weight 88 g
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