Safety Wherever You Are!
Highest data protection, maximum flexibility – thanks to German Cloud!
Whether at home, at the office or at a retail shop – the Rollei SafetyCam-20 HD Outdoor surveillance camera is perfectly adaptable. The free Cloud makes it possible to get a live video stream wherever you are, which can be watched conveniently on a computer browser or with the Rollei App on a smartphone or tablet device.
Includes German server infrastructure and password protection. The camera is ready-to-use in no time at all and the setup of the Cloud account is hassle-free. Within a home network, the camera can also be used without the Cloud.
Your Safety in Sight!
With motion detector and e-mail alerts!
Motion detection within a radius of 60 degrees and a distance of 20 meters.
In the event of an alarm, e-mail alerts with 6 images in HD quality at a time or the option of having the images sent to an FTP server and archived.
The built-in infrared filter prevents colour shifts!
Worldwide Access Guaranteed!
Live video stream from any computer, smartphone or tablet!
Set up within seconds, keeping every area in view – worldwide in HD (1280x720/25fps).
Feel safe wherever you go, thanks to the integrated camera control software – conveniently controllable via an internet browser or with a smartphone/tablet app!
We Are at Your Service!
Under +49 (0) 631 3 42 84 49, we are personally at your service from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm.
Through our service hotline or via e-mail, our competent staff are happy to answer any question about the Safety Cam. Whether the questions relate to the installation, setup or use of your Safety Cam – we are glad to help.

Rollei SafetyCam 20 HD Titanium

  • Motion detection
  • Night vision function
  • HD video resolution (720p)
  • Lens f: 3,6mm, F: 2,4 (IR Lens) glass lens with 60° angle
  • Useable with WLAN
  • E-Mail warning function
  • Night mode with 24 IR LEDs for up to 20m range
  • Secure European Rollei Cloud
  • Pan/Tilt 350°/90°

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  • Configuration

    Dears sirs I have purchase the SafetyCam 20 HD and I am trying to find the way to configure the camera to record and save the file in a external Disk. Can you help me?

    Answer: Dear Customer, at the Moment you cannot record the Videos from the Safety Cam 20. We are working on an update to offer the record Option. You will get an Information when this Feature will be available. Best regard Rollei

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