Rollei W-LAN Security Cam Mini with Steering-App Black

  • With WiFi connection and web server for data transfer
  • Easy installation via Rollei Cloud
  • Video resolution 720p
  • With motion detection and e-mail warning
  • Integrated light sensor and night vision function
  • Including control software for PC, iPhone, iPad, Android-Smartphone and -Tablet*
  • With built in microphone and speaker

Modern times call for equally modern and innovative security solutions. Rollei has taken these two facts into consideration in the design of this miniature observation camera. Boasting a lens angle of no less than 110 degrees, nearly every recording need is now accounted for. This camera is ideally suited for such purposes as:

  • Monitoring an infant.
  • Overnight office security.
  • Poolside safety.
  • Remote viewing.

Built-in microphones and speakers will allow two individuals to speak to one another. This is another standalone feature that sets the Rollei security camera apart from its contemporaries.

A Closer Look at this Mini Observation Camera

The unit is equipped with a wireless connection and can therefore be fed directly into a web server or a personal computer. Those who are constantly on the go will be happy to know that the included software is compatible with iOS and Android smarpthone operating systems. It also works with tablets and Apple iPhones. Should motion be sensed, there is an option to be provided with an immediate email warning. This is great for anyone who is concerned about the security of their property while at work or even when travelling abroad.

The Technological Edge

This camera is able to sense changes in light while it can also record at night. There is indeed no situation that cannot be handled with this device. It can view up to 5 metres in the dark and is able to supply a video resolution of up to 1280 x 720 pixels. Its power is supplied with a standard 120-volt USB adapter cable.

Whether you are concerned about home security or an infant needs to be monitored, this Rollei mini observation camera is an excellent choice. Of course, this is only one of the numerous accessories which can be obtained in only seconds.


Width 5.9 cm
Height 11.6 cm
Depth 2.9 cm
Weight 106 g
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