Rollei Big Wild Cat Steadycam Black

  • Enables free-hand, balanced, smooth and professional video recording
  • Particularly suitable for big DSLR video cameras
  • Balance weights can be used as 3 support legs
  • Main body is made of waterproof carbon, resistant to light, heat and corrosion
  • High-quality CNC finish
  • Quick-release plate with 1/4 inch screw

Take camerawork to the next level

With the Black Rollei Big Wild Cat Steadycam, taking smooth, professional video has never been easier. Simply attach a camera to the quick release stand, make the appropriate adjustments and the bumps, shakes and imperfections will be a thing of the past. This professional camera stabilizer is especially effective with weighty DSLR cameras, making the Steadycam ideal for capturing high definition videos while panning or on the move, such as for dramatic chase scenes or filming along rough ground.

An easily-adjustable professional camera stabilizer

Configuring the Steadycam for that perfect sweet-spot is helped by the various adjustment aids and counter balances. At the bottom of the stabilizer, there are four sets of attachable weights, ranging from 142g to 46g, ensuring that many types of cameras can be counter balanced for a smooth and comfortable moving shot. At the top, quick lock and release features allow for smooth rotating movements and adjustments to the front and back, as well as left and right.

Multi-functional use

The counter balances at the base can also be used as legs, turning the video stabilizer into a stand for stationary videos and photos. Conveniently, the legs have anti-skid features, offering a secure base for stable photography. Professionals will appreciate this flexible, functional Steadycam as, from experience, they will know that multi-functional equipment saves on space and costs.

Less strain on the hand

Carrying around a heavy camera for a long time can often be straining and painful. But with the comfortable handle and weight-distributing technology of this Steadycam, the forces on the hands are minimised, allowing photographers and filmmakers to concentrate on taking great shots. Enjoy the comfort of the Rollei Big Wild Cat Steadycam Black, and impress friends and colleagues with professional and smooth videos.

Material: Carbon

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  • Rollei Big Wild Cat Steadycam Black

    E' possibile usare Big Wild Cat Steadycam anche con le GoPro o similari ?

    Answer: The Steadycam has a 1/4" thread - that's why it cannot be used with a GoPro camera unless you are using an adaptor.

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