Rollei Cobra Wheels

  • Attachment to your Rollei Mogopod 1 or other monopods or tubes with a diameter from 16 up to 32 mm
  • Guarantee a smooth rolling motion for photo and video shooting
  • With 2x Cobra Wheels, 1x Cobra Wheel clip mount, 1x 3/8 adaptor, Product certificate, instruction manual and warranty card

Rollei has been around the block and knows what monopod and tripod wheels are all about. They need to be light, quick to set up and easy to handle even in small spaces, and that’s what Rollei promises to deliver with the Cobra wheels.

Cobra wheels set your film in motion

Absolutely indispensable in professional video shooting, the Cobra wheels were designed to help follow your subject effortlessly and to make transition effects seamless. Ease out of your breathtaking landscape and shift your focus on an entirely different focal point. Roll your way through mazes, narrow corridors, sloping surfaces, and uneven terrain with the Cobra wheels, which are covered in silica gel for a smooth transit and an effortless handling.

These wheels make a lengthy filming all the more pleasurable as they are compatible with the lightweight mogopod and other crowd-pleasers bearing the Rollei logo. Not only can monopods, tubes, handrails and other Rollei products be mounted onto the Cobra wheels, but the set can also be clamped up to various other types of photographic equipment. Combine the Cobra wheels with a monitor used on set and make instant updates to screenplays, acting lines, or internal directives.

You can attach virtually anything to the Cobra wheels, and they will go swimmingly with anything you’d like to mount to it that weighs 5 kilograms or less. The clamp is adjustable and the wheels are incredibly light-weight. There’s no excuse not to have a set of these in the studio when the cameras start rolling.

Count on Cobra to grease the wheels

They may not look like much, but these small, simple and silent monopod wheels will help your operation run smoothly, so don't forget yours at home!

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