Rollei Extending Tubes for Shark Slider S1

  • 2x Extending Tubes (each 560 mm) for Shark Slider S1, drive belts and 4x protecting cover
  • Carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, SUS304
  • Tube diameter 22 mm
  • Maximum load: 2 kg

Is it no secret that Rollei provides a wide variety of camera tripods which are designed to be used within the most challenging conditions. Many of these units are quite easy to handle and can be transported easily from place to place. However, there are also times when a higher platform is required. Perhaps a panoramic shot on top of a ridge is only possible when the tripod itself is larger. Or, it may need to be mounted at a certain height above water when filming close to the shore. In either of these (and many other) cases, this set of extending tubes is a great solution.

The Benefits of This Tripod Extension

It should first be noted that these tubes are intended to be used in conjunction with the Rollei Shark Slider S1 mechanism (purchased separately). Each tube is comprised of carbon fibre alongside anodised aluminium. This provides a lightweight durability that would not be possible with traditional stainless steel.

Each tube is 560 millimetres long and boasts a diameter of 22 millimetres. Along with these tubes, four covers are supplied which will offer additional protection against the elements while aiding in handheld manipulation. However, this entire assembly weighs only 0.4 kilograms. This tripod extension is therefore extremely easy to handle and transport and it will support loads of up to two kilograms.

Are you planning to document a hiking trip? Have you been searching for superior and yet stable shots when filming a stock car race? These are only two examples when the versatility of this unit will prove to be extremely helpful. Both lightweight and strong, these two extension tubes will make wonderful additions to an existing Rollei tripod.

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