Rollei Mini Crane M1 - Carbon

  • Max. load: 5 kg
  • Compact and lightweight crane
  • Stability through carbon
  • Versatile functionality
  • With Rear Section, Section Joint, Counter Weight Clamp, Clamp Lever, Hand Grip, Hook, Hex Keys, Bag and 3/8“ Adapter

The Mini Crane M1 is what your camera crane tripod yearns for

Whether professional photographer or devoted hobbyist, you’ve no doubt asked yourself what it would be like to hold Rollei’s Mini Crane M1 in your hands. We’ll tell you what it’s like: fantastic! And not only does it feel and look the part, but it also does what it says on the tin, and a bit more, to boot.

This iFootage crane made exclusively for Rollei can be mounted on the camera crane tripod and set up from top to bottom in little over a minute with a few twists and turns. Have your tripod of choice standing by and your R60 pan head fastened, and simply screw the mini crane in place after adding your counterweight to it. With all the features in place to allow you to mount lights, monitors or support arms to the frame, lockable extensions and adjustable camera levels, the Mini Crane M1 is fully customizable.

Mini Crane M1 – more than meets the eye

You could think to yourself: ‘this doesn’t look like much’ when you unpack it, but think again. The Mini Crane M1 boasts so many excellent features that it could make your camera crane tripod tremble. It gives you a radius of over four metres, it can handle DSLRs and other equipment weighing up to 5 kilograms, and its carbon fibre frames will withstand the most strenuous effort. And to round off an already excellent product, Rollei throws in the black anodized coating that makes this crane even more hard-wearing.

They’ve outdone themselves with the Mini Crane M1

From essential frame build quality to handy little details, like the counterweight markers, Rollei went out of its way to produce a professional crane that you can trust. Don’t settle for anything less than the iFootage M1. Your career stands only to gain.

Material: 6 Schichten Carbonfaser

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