Rollei Mini Crane M5 - Aluminium

  • Aluminium
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • Max. load: 7 kg
  • Comes with Rear Section, Section Joint, Counter Weight Clamp, Clamp Lever, Hand Grip, Hook, Hex Keys, Bag and 3/8“ Adapter

M5, the mini camera crane for tireless professionals

Being wrapped up in work can be rewarding in the field of photography, but your equipment needs to be on the same wavelength as you if you’re aiming for optimum efficiency. That’s where Rollei’s Mini Crane M5 comes in. This is the ultimate mini camera crane for people who are always on the go, be they professionals or hobbyists devoted to their craft.

A mini camera crane for a major production

If you can’t afford to waste time setting up complicated equipment or carrying burdensome loads around, give the M5 a go. It follows the design and the functionality of its brother, the M1, and looks identical to it in every respect. But There is one major difference between the two: the M5 is much cheaper due to the fact that it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum instead of carbon fibre. Rest assured, it’s just as sturdy, if not even more so. The M5 can withstand the combined weight of a DSLR, microphone, support arm, video light or field monitor, as long as it does not exceed seven kilograms.

Just in case the maximum load didn’t convince you, Rollei offers you the cherry on the cake: black anodized coating to make the crane even more hard-wearing and durable. So, should a motion picture opportunity come knocking, have your M5 ready alongside your R6 pan head for fluid power and seamless camera movements with absolutely no effort on your part, because the M5 has got your back, literally.

M5 will stand the test of time

A camera crane with a span of over four metres, a solid frame, a maximum load capacity of seven kilograms and full compatibility with a host of photographic accessories, including the Rollei ranges, the Mini Crane M5 will serve you well, however long you may choose to use it.

Material: Aluminium

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