Rollei Shark Slider S1 Bundle

  • Camera slider rigid free video
  • Horizontally, vertically and diagonally aligned
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Max. length: 1350 mm ± 5 mm
  • Comes with carrying bag, 2 extension tubes, drive belts, four protective covers and a hex key.

Documenting an action-packed outdoor adventure can prove quite challenging. Perhaps you require a stable platform and yet movement is still desired. Sports which exhibit a great deal of motion such as motocross, marathons and bicycling will often need such a system. Thankfully, the Shark Slider S1 Bundle offered by Rollei will meet and exceed even the most discrete of demands. This is one of the reasons why it has received the coveted Plus X Award for "Best Product of the Year" in 2014. So, what are some of the features which enable this camera track slider to be perfect when recording activities as varied as rock climbing, hiking and skiing?

An All-In-One Camera Track Slider

This bundle comes equipped with a counterweight, an attached slider, foot rests for accommodating various surfaces and as the camera car is mounted upon ball bearings, only the smoothest movement can be expected.

Still, one of the defining features of this variant to the standard Shark Slider S1 is that it comes with extra extension tubes. Each is 560 millimetres in length and can accommodate situations where more tracking movement is required. This enables the entire mechanism to boast a total length of approximately 1.35 metres. Such dimensions would simply not be possible with other units and yet, stability and streamlined movement are nonetheless guaranteed. Other features include:

- A hex key.
- Four protective covers.
- A carrying bag.
- Drive belts

In many ways, this camera slider represents the pinnacle of form and function. From water sports to fast-paced racing events and any situation which requires smooth tracking, the Shark Slider S1 Bundle is the best option.


Weight 3800 g
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  • Motorized slider

    Is a motorized option available with a controller?

    Answer: Unfortunately there is no motorized option available with the Rollei Shark Slider S1

  • tripod compatible

    What is the best type of tripod to use for this model and tripod head? Stable, and affordable .

    Answer: A very good tripod in combination with the shark slider s1 would be the Rollei T 63C tripod.

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