Rollei Waterbag W-1

  • adapted to your Rollei Mini Crane M1 oder M5
  • small and lightweight for transport (only 0,15 kg)
  • volume up to 5 liters
  • simple and exact weighting by filling the bag
  • easy to mount when empty

Counterbalancing a camera arm is a very important action that needs to be taken into account when filming countless activities. However, this can be difficult when away from civilisation. As normal camera crane weights can be quite bulky and difficult to transport, what is the user to do? This question has been answered through the use of the Waterbag W-1. Whether one is on the shores of a lake filming a friend water skiing or at the crest of a sand dune recording motocross racers as they pass by, this innovative device will provide the most stable of shots.

How Do These Camera Crane Weights Function?

The primary advantage of this innovative device manufactured by Rollei is its on-the-spot functionality. It can be filled with either water or sand via the use of an easy spout. Thereafter, the Waterbag will be mounted on the Rollei Mini Crane (please note that the bag is specifically designed to be used with this model). It can hold up to five liters of water or the equivalent of 155 grams of sand. Once emptied, the entire unit will fold up for easy storage and transport.


By attaching this counterweight, a smooth motion can be enjoyed when using the Rollei Mini Crane (the M1 through the M5 series). In turn, the user will be guaranteed that high-quality digital shots will capture the action as it occurs. This makes the Waterbag W-1 perfectly suited for intense activities such as racing, bicycling, spelunking and any other sport which is dictated by both vertical and horizontal motion.

This ingenious device is only available through Rollei. Bolstered by a 24-month warranty, it is the perfect solution for anyone who has been confounded with the jerky movements often associated with filming. Expect to enjoy professional-grade recording after this unit is purchased!


Width 16 cm
Height 10 cm
Depth 5 cm
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