Rollei Wireless Motion Controller System X2 MOTION Bundle

  • Wireless motion control system for tripods and for the Rollei Shark Slider S1*/Bundle
  • For professional panorama recording
  • Professional time-lapse recording and programmable camera movements
  • 2- axis wireless operation on an tripod
  • 3-axis manual operation with the Rollei Shark
  • Slider S1 and Shark Slider S1 Bundle
  • Automatic zero point setting
  • Max. load of Pan and Tilt Head: 8 kg
  • Tripods and Slider are not part of the

For anyone who wants to produce professional time-lapse recordings and who has the need for fully programmable camera movements, the X2 Motion Bundle is ideal. Allowing for all sorts of time-lapsed shots to be created, the bundle means that smooth camera movement is possible that will add ever more interesting angles to the shot. For example, the product bundle is great for seeing how images develop over time, from the passing of people through a space to the movement of stars at night through the sky. With so many possible applications, the X2 Motion control system can be used by amateurs and professionals to create images that have never been seen before.

Try the bundle out for yourself and start making stunning two-axis shots from a wireless operation using a conventional tripod 3/8” fixing. Once set up, the remote control is easy to program and use. Indeed, weighing just 420 grams, the remote can be held on to for some time while the pan and tilt motion controller gets to work moving your camera. The wirelessly operated system can hold cameras of up to eight kilos, so it will work with just about anything you care to attach it to. In fact, the 7 different release cables that are supplied with the bundle are compatible with all of the leading video camera manufacturers, including Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sony, Canon, Contax, Fujifilm, Kodak, Konica, Leica and Minolta.

The X2 Motion Bundle in Overview

Perfect for anyone who wants to operate their time-lapse controller away from the camera, perhaps because they don't want to disturb the camera's movement during the shot. Both pan and tilt at the head can be controlled via the remote control, so the photographer remains in charge of what is being shot. A full user manual is included, helping novices with programmable time-lapse controllers to get the best out of the device and create some superb video footage. Made from aluminium, the pan and tilt head of the X2 motion weighs just 2.6 kilos and – even when the battery is fitted – comes in at just 3.3 kilos. The whole bundle is supplied with a helpful carrying case to keep all of the equipment fully protected. This product package is ideal for professionals who already own an S1A1 controller and who want to complete their set. Alternatively, it would suit video camera operators who want to make use of the pan and tilt head, with remote control operation, on its own.

Product Details

  • Automatic zero point setting.
  • Can be used with the Rollei Shark Slider S1 and Shark Slider S1 Bundle.
  • Wireless shutter control.
  • Fast release plate.
  • Data cable.
  • Power adapter supplied.


Width 32.5 cm
Height 32 cm
Depth 9.2 cm
Weight 2620 g
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