Rollei Wireless Motion Controller System X2 MOTION inkl. S1A1 Set (S1A3)

  • Wireless motion control system for tripods and for the Rollei Shark Slider S1/Bundle
  • For professional panorama recording
  • Professional time-lapse recording and programmable camera movements
  • 2- axis operation on an tripod
  • 3-axis operation with the Rollei Shark Slider S1 and Shark Slider S1 Bundle
  • Automatic zero point setting
  • Max. load: 8 kg

The X2 Motion and S1A1 slider controller are the perfect things, when combined, for professional image makers who want to produce jaw-dropping panoramic and time-lapsed videos that are both elegant and detailed. The X2 Motion is a recording system which allows a high level of user control over the speed of image capture. Together with the S1A1, a wireless motion controller which is perfectly compatible with the X2 Motion, the quality of images produced can be unbeatable in the right hands. Ideal for enthusiasts who want to create time-lapsed videos of street scenes or of plant growth, for instance, the X2 Motion and S1A1 together are ideal for professionals who don't possess either product individually already.

Although the X2 Motion can be used with a conventional pan and tilt, two-axis tripod without the S1A1, it is only when used with this controller and a slider that the recording system really comes into its own. Superb at creating truly professional panoramic results, the two products combine to allow time-lapse images to be created with full control over all three axes. Quick and easy to assemble, the S1A1 controls time-lapse recording with unbeatably smooth camera movements that allow for all manner of unusual perspectives and novel photographs to be made. The S1A1 controller is supplied with a powerful motor and a strong transmission which means that it is capable of steep runs, even when it is moving heavy cameras. Indeed, the X2 Motion can shoulder cameras of up to eight kilos, so the devices working together are more than capable of handling most cameras’ needs.

The X2 Motion and S1A1 Controller in Detail

The programmable S1A1 controller will work manually or automatically, if wanted, helping newcomers to get up and running within minutes. Whilst the X2 Motion handles two axes of the time-lapse shot – pan and tilt - the S1A1 manages the third. The S1A1 works wirelessly from a range of up to 20 metres away, meaning that the image maker can move away from the action, ideal when shooting needs to be handled sensitively. The products come with seven release cables so they are compatible with many camera manufacturers including Canon, Contax, Fujifilm, Kodak, Konica, Leica, Minolta, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung and Sony. The X2 is supplied with a quick release plate and the S1A1 can be updated with new software, if needed, using its USB port. The X2 Motion weighs just 2.6 kilos without its battery and both products are supplied with handy carrying cases, making sure they are kept in top condition between shoots.


Width 32.5 cm
Height 32 cm
Depth 9.2 cm
Weight 2620 g
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