The new Rolleiflex 4K S-Cage
The new Rolleiflex 4K S-Cage

Rolleiflex 4K S-Cage

  • Multifunctional camera cage
  • Highly flexible and stable
  • Allows films at ground level
  • Ideal for: Sony Alpha A7/A7S/A7II/ A7R, Panasonic GH4/GH3 and Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC)
  • Numerous 1/4“ thread for attachment of accessories (eg articulated arms with monitor, video light, microphone etc.)
  • Aluminum base plate for 15mm carbon fiber tube (e.g. a focus puller or a sun visor can be mounted)
  • Aluminum base plate itself has at the bottom a 1/4“- and a 3/8“ thread for attaching to a tripod

Connect Additional Accessories for Added Convenience

For filming professional takes, there are often added accessories that go hand in hand with a camera, aiding the user in capturing that perfect shot. What the Rolleiflex 4k S-Cage does is it helps organise and securely attach these important accessories to a camera, improving form factor for greater control and smoother shots while on the move or standing still.

Securely Mount the Camera Cage to a Tripod

With the quick release attachment provided, the cage can be mounted securely to a tripod or Steadycam for greater functionality. Simple attach the base plate, made from lightweight aluminium, and stationary shots couldn’t be easier. Notice also the two 15mm slots for tubes of carbon fibre, allowing the user to adjust components such as sun visors towards and away from the camera for getting the lighting just right.

Adjustable Handle Offers Added Uses

At the top of the camera cage is a handle for low-down shots such as filming ground-level perspectives on a skateboard, which would be difficult to do otherwise. This handle can be adjusted to get the perfect angle. To the sides of the cage, there are handles for rotating a camera smoothly in a panning motion, ideal for revealing stunning, panoramic landscapes.

The Accessories that Can Be Attached

The ¼ inch threads make this cage compatible with many types of accessories, allowing the photographer to customise a setup to their needs. Particularly, video lights, sun visors, microphones and monitors can all be securely implemented for an impressive camera rig. Take advantage of these form factor enhancing features on the Rolleiflex 4K S-Cage, perfect for creating those smooth and professional shots.

Material: Aluminium/Carbon

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