Rolleiflex hipjib

  • Innovative video tripod mount which allows a new and movements!
  • Rolleiflex hipjib is maintenance free and easy to clean
  • Max. load: 3 kg

The Rolleiflex hipjib is an innovative mount designed for a video camera and tripod or monopod. This unique and flexible accessory sits securely at the user's waist on a comfortable, padded belt, making it easy to move and operate your camera.

The hipjib is a simple yet original concept which offers a huge amount of flexibility. With vertical and rotational movements, you can capture the world around you from exciting new viewpoints.

The stability and low centre of gravity offered by the hipjib allow smooth camera movement for panning shots and a wide variety of angles, from overhead shots to ground level filming. You can even turn the camera back on yourself, to capture your activities or narrate events as they happen.

Shoot from the hip

The pelvis, situated as it is at the centre of the body, makes a secure balance and support point for your camera. The hips can bear the weight of a camera more easily than the shoulders, without putting undue strain on your muscles, or tipping you off balance. The Rolleiflex hipjib can carry a load up to 3kg in weight.

Weighing 400g and with a length of just 27 centimetres, the hipjib is easy to carry wherever you're going, but give a professional quality to your videos. The included instruction manual has lots of tips for getting the most from your hipjib, but you're sure to come up with a few extra of your own. Add the Rolleiflex hipjib to your camera bag and discover new ways of filming.


Weight 400 g
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