Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter
Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter
Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter
Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter
Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter
Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter
Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter
Rollei Filter Premium ND1000 Graufilter - Rundfilter

Premium ND1000 neutral density filter - round filter


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Testsiegel Fototest Premium ND Filter

Only through theUse of ND filters / neutral density filters like that49mm neutral density filter premium special picture moods and atmospheres of a scene can be appropriately captured, the contrast between the soft water of the stream and the razor-sharp rock structures of the bank, or the central perspective of the clouds moving over weathered industrial monuments. The Rollei Premium ND1000 filter (10 stops / 3.0) extends the exposure time of your camera by ten f-stops. With thisNeutral density filter for 49mm lenses You can take particularly spectacular long-term recordings with a "velvety" effect. The compact and practicalRound filter Incidentally, can be safely and comfortably in one of ourPhoto backpacks transport, e.g. when traveling, hiking or trekking.

ND1000 filter 49mm made of Gorilla Glass for the tough professional everyday lifeag

Photo professionals and discerning hobby photographers are often looking for unusual locations that offer suboptimal shooting conditions. The material must therefore be extremely resistant and of high quality in order to deliver perfect results even after impacts, contact with pointed or sharp objects or inappropriately stored. The Rollei Premium ND1000 filter 49mm is made of astonishingly resistant Gorilla Glass from the traditional American manufacturer Corning Inc. In the US state of New York, the glass blanks must withstand a bath in a boiling alkaline liquid for ion exchange to take place at the molecular level. In this way, the filter glasses gain an enormous increase in surface tension and easily withstand the challenges of ruthless professional everyday life. For the optimal use of a gray filter You should always use one of ourRolleiTripods work for DSLR and DSLM.

Tempered filter glass against dirt & amp; Damage - for the best optical properties

The additionally applied Luminance Coating makes the already very resistant glass surface even less sensitive to stubborn oil or water films as well as to heavy soiling and acts as a barrier against mechanical damage. Distortions and reflections are effectively prevented and the Rollei round filters guarantee the highest color accuracy. You can be sure that you will be able to write the unadulterated and color-accurate image data to the memory card and use it later. Strict and irrevocable quality specifications were already issued during the development of the Rollei Premium Round Filter ND1000; constant tests according to the AQL standard guarantee the safe sorting out of even the smallest defects, which can easily happen in the tests customary in the industry. The Rollei Premium Round Filters ND1000 are supplied with a stable filter ring made of aluminum in nine sizes from 49 to 82 mm.

  • Gorilla glass: extremely robust, hard-wearingg
  • No optical distortion
  • Luminance Coating: highest color fidelity, lowest reflections, scratch-resistant coating
  • Engineered & amp; Quality Controlled In Germany: tight technical specifications, individual quality check
  • ND filter is the abbreviation for neutral density filter
  • An ND filter darkens the subject by several light values and thus prevents overexposed images
  • Common uses for ND filters are e.g. recordings of wiping effects or of flowing water
Technical specifications
Available sizes: 49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm, 82 mm
ND strength: ND1000 10 stopss)
Product line: Premium
Material frame:
Aluminum ring
Material glass:
Gorilla glasss
scope of delivery
  • 1x Rollei Premium round filter ND 1000


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