Rollei Licht Studioblitz HS Freeze 6
Rollei Licht Studioblitz HS Freeze 6
Rollei Licht Studioblitz HS Freeze 6
Rollei Licht Studioblitz HS Freeze 6

HS Freeze 6 studio flash

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HS Freeze 6 studio flash

The portable studio flash HS Freeze 6, which is a predecessor of the HS Freeze 6s, solves a well-known problem of conventional flash units or strong mains-dependent studio flashes with battery cases - the lack of flexibility and performance in outdoor use. This is why this type of mobile studio flash is affectionately known as Porty Blitz.

The various well-known flash units and studio flashes each have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. The camera-integrated flashes are suitable for quick photography, but of course only have a short range and cannot be swiveled. Mains-independent clip-on or system flashes with or without TTL offer various creative flash modes with rotatable and tiltable reflector heads and can also be combined into master-slave groups. However, these models do not bring the required flash output into the subject, especially for outdoor shoots or complex studio settings. Strong studio flashes, on the other hand, require full mains voltage or hang on heavy and unwieldy battery cases.

The protable professional studio flash HS Freeze 6 overcomes these old limits and allows you greater flexibility and more creative freedom in your photo projects. No matter whether in the studio or in nature. Both the battery power and the flash power enable uncomplicated outdoor shootings without generators and cables. The world is your studio - with the mobile battery studio flash from Rollei.


Thanks to the battery, it can also be used for outdoor shootings at full power

The Rollei HS Freeze 6 studio flash not only flashes up to 500 times per complete battery charge when used in the studio; Even outdoors, the enormous power of 600 Ws is available after just 1.9 seconds of flash charging time(Recycling time) fully available again. This enormous gain in mobility and spontaneity allows you to implement location ideas that previously seemed impossible. The sturdy aluminum housing is protected against spray water, dust and sand in accordance with test class IP33 *, the standardized Bowens connection accepts other compatible equipment in addition to the extensive Rollei professional accessories. The flash unit with the guide number 80 can be easily transported to the place of use with the replaceable battery in the carrying bag supplied.

The receiver integrated in the studio flash has a range of 300 meters and can be controlled via the optionally available transmitter.

The settings, such as modes or flash output, can optionally be controlled and even saved using a free app. Suitable transmitters for Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras as well as a universal signal transmitter without HSS function are available as accessories. Alternatively, an infrared sensor can also be used. The strong lithium-ion battery (14.8V / 6 Ah) is of course also available individually, with the optional power cable you can connect your Rollei Profi Blitz HS Freeze 6 to the 220V network via an AC adapter for the battery shell..


An important feature of the HS Freeze 6: The Easy Cap function

With the "Easy Cap" function of Rollei HS Freeze 6, this can now be done quickly and easily with a simple setup. To do this, the lighting setup is automatically switched between two or more images, which enables easier, automated mask creation on the final image.


Freeze, HSS, 1st or 2nd closure: the choice is yours

You can use the enormous performance of the Rollei HS Freeze 6 studio flash unit in a wide variety of flash modes to successfully implement your creative photo ideas even on a large scale. Up to 6 groups and 15 channels are available for the synchronized triggering of several HS Freeze 6s, the intensity can be precisely adjusted to your needs in 9 f-stops. You can safely capture unique moments that only last a fraction of a second with the professional studio flash. High Speed Synch (HSS) is possible up to 1 / 8,000 of a second, in Freeze mode with 1 / 19,000 of a second you won't miss even the smallest drop of water, the individual speck of dust or color pigment. The synchronization takes place either on the first or second shutter; in addition to the TTL option, you can also specify all parameters manually. The 20W LED modeling light enables the exact positioning of the flash unit even with difficult subjects. With the extensive range of accessories that have been put together under professional criteria, the Rollei professional HS Freeze 6 flash unit gives you new freedom in creative image design, completely independent of the selected location.

Note: TTL and HSS modes cannot be used together.


Impressively constant color temperature

Photographers not only attach particular importance to high flash output and a color temperature that is as neutral as possible, but also to the continuous availability of these properties over the entire range of adjustable f-stops. The portable HS Freeze 6 studio flash unit supplies daylight of the D55 standard light type(5,500 K) – ideal for illuminating even extensive settings in a pleasantly color-neutral manner. The unique selling point of the mobile professional flash is also fed by the astonishing continuity of this power output, almost completely independent of the f-stop and duration of use. Over a spectrum of 9 f-stops, the color temperature only varies in the range of 150k. An enormous advantage, because you no longer have to worry about unwanted color falsifications even with complex flash shoots. The detailed data can be found on the graphic "HS Freeze 6 color temperature / flash output".g".

    • Professional studio flash with rechargeable battery Ideal for your outdoor shootg
    • Use in the studio and outdoors
    • Battery-operated professional flash for high mobility, no cables required for the power supplyg
    • Protected against spray water, sand and dust
    • Short flash charging time of less than 2 seconds with extremely high flash output of up to 600 watt seconds (Ws))
    • TTL mode and manual flash mode
    • High speed sync up to 1/8000 of a second
    • Freeze mode up to 1/19000 of a second
    • Synchronization to the 1st and 2nd shutter
    • Control via radio transmitter, radio transmitter with app support (app can be downloaded free of charge)
    • Easy to transport thanks to the supplied bag
    Technical specifications
    Flash output: 600 WS
    Energy efficiency class
    (EU 2017/1369):
    EU energy efficiency class spectrum (EU 2017/1369): A - G
    Flash charging time: 1.9 seconds
    Power control: 9 f-stops (in 0.1F or 1.0F steps)
    Display: Multifunction LCD (7.2 cm / 2.8))
    Burning time: Normal: 1 / 800s 1 / 8000s Freeze: 1 / 800s 1 / 19000s00s
    Guide number: 80 (at ISO 100, 2 meters and reflector 55 degrees)
    Power supply: Exchangeable, rechargeable lithium polymer battery (14.8V / 6Ah)
    Channels: 0-15
    Groups: A, B, C, D, E, F
    Flash releases: Up to 500 (with fully charged battery)
    Modeling light: 20 W LED
    Interfaces: Sync socket (3.5 mm) USB (for software updates))
    Infrared sensor: Integrated (IR slave function)
    Radio range: Up to 300 meters (built-in radio receiver)


    Note: TTL and HSS modes cannot be used together.


    scope of delivery
    • 1x studio flash including flash tube
    • 1x protective glass and cover
    • 1x battery
    • 1x charging cable
    • 1x reflector
    • 5x color foils
    • 1x sync cable
    • 1x bag
    • 1x instruction manual
    If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
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