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iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320DN LED-Dauerlicht

iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320DN - LED permanent light with 320 watts

That iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320DN is that so far most powerful model in the new LED permanent light series Anglerfish SL 1 from our partner brand iFootage. That Daylight-like COB LED permanent light with 5,600 Kelvin has an output power of 320 watts and is therefore ideally suited for use in the studio but also on location. Due to the silent fan, this is LED permanent light also perfect for film recordings with sound.

Höchste Farbtreue für eine konsistente Ausleuchtung Ihres Motivs


This is used for easy transport and flexible use LED permanent light Supplied with a transport bag, a control box and a 60 degree reflector. In addition to the reflector included in the set other light shapers to be able to connect, that was LED steady light with a Bowens S-Type bayonet fitted. In this way, versatile light shapers can be connected to the light.

Tageslichtähnliches LED-Dauerlicht mit 320 W und einer Beleuchtungsstärke von 56.000 LXUmfangreiches Set mit Reflektor, Kontrollbox und Transporttasche

The iFootage Anglerfish SL1 series

With the Anglerfish SL1 series revolutionized iFootage the LED permanent light market sustainably. Don't just offer the LED steady lights the new Chip-on-Board Technology (COB) , which provides a stronger and brighter output. All models also offer a outstanding color accuracy and consistency , which is unparalleled. In the known market standards, this means a CRI of over 98, a TLCI of over 99 and a TM-30-18 of 100. This is achieved, among other things, by reducing the blue peaks in the light and thus making the emitted light more similar to sunlight similar to that of comparable LED permanent lights.


Hervorragende Farbtreue simuliert das natürliche Sonnenlicht, indem der Blaulichtanteil reduziert wird


With the unique daylight steady lights So imitate the light spectrum of the sun in your studio or on location like never before. In addition to the clear advantage in such natural light Being able to photograph or film as much as possible reduces this LED permanent light series thus also the effort of subsequent color corrections on the finished pictures or takes. For example, skin tones are displayed more naturally and require less correction. And an adjustment from shot to shot or image to image, even on different shooting days, is possible due to the consistent color fidelity iFootage Anglerfish SL1 steady lights no longer necessary.

In addition, this offers sunlight-mimicking color spectrum without high blue peaks even more advantages. Because there the iFootage Anglerfish SL1 series Mimicking sunlight so uniquely, working on set becomes more natural, reducing eye fatigue for crew and models/actors, making working in front of and behind the camera more comfortable during a long day of shooting.

Steuerung am Gerät oder über die kostenlose iFootage Lumin App

Control via app, DMX or on the device

That iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320DN offers you next to one dimmable daylight-like color temperature of 5,600 Kelvin also eight other light effects for your creative shootings. The settings can of course be made on the device. However, since such permanent LED lights are often placed on a high tripod in a normal studio setting, this was iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320DN equipped with a 5-pin DMX connection and can alternatively also be used with the free iFootage Lumin app to be controlled.


iFootage Lumin App Download für Android

iFootage Lumin App Download für iOS


Synchronisation mehrerer iFootage Anglerfish LED-Dauerlichter über die iFootage Lumin App


Other products in the Anglerfish SL series by iFootage

Of course it can iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320DN also very good on set with the other LED steady lightsiFootage Anglerfish SL1 220DN andiFootage Anglerfish SL1 60DN Bundle combine. In this way, they always have maximum color fidelity light on the set, which can also be seamlessly controlled synchronously via the iFootage Lumin app.

Next to the iFootage Anglerfish SL1 series LED steady lights we also offeroriginal iFootage softboxes such asBalloon softboxes With Bowens S-Type connector on. So nothing stands in the way of your next shooting ideas.

Komplette iFootage Anglerfish Serie entdecken

Kompatibel mit den iFootage Anglerfish Lantern Softboxen

Kompatibel mit den iFootage Anglerfish Quick Release Dome Softboxen

Produktvergleich iFootage Anglerfish Serie bei Rollei


Product Series Video


Technical specifications
Number of LEDs: 1 (COB LED)
Perfomance: 320W
color temperature: 5,600K 200KK
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 98+
Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI): 99+
Power control: 0 - 100% in 0.1% increments
Illuminance: With reflector (60): 56,000 lx (5,600 K, 1 m))
Without reflector: 11,600 lx (5,600 K, 1 m)
Illumination angle: 120°
Bowens S-Type connector: Yes
Remote control: via iFootage Lumin App
Bluetooth* version:: 5.1
Frequency band: 2.400 - 2.480GHz
Maximum transmit power: 3dBm
Bluetooth range*:: < 100 meters
Power supply: Via power supply, input: AC 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz; Output: DC 65.0V/5.2AA
Rated input power: 350W
Volume ventilation: < 30dB
Connections: Light head: power connection, tripod connection Control box: power connection input and output, 5-pinned DMXX
Operating temperatur: -15C - 45C C
Dimensions (L x W x H): Light head: 27.8 x 34 x 21 cm (without reflector) Reflector: 14 cm x Ø 18 cm
Control box: 10.3 x 21.7 x 6.5 cm
Weight: Light head: 2.45 kg (without reflector)
Control box: 1.2 kg

*The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Rollei is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners..

scope of delivery
  • 1x iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320DN
  • 1x reflector (60 ))
  • 1x control box
  • 1x power cord (5m)
  • 1x cable light head (3 m)
  • 1x protective cap
  • 1x transport case
  • 1x user manual

Abbildung Lieferumfang iFootage Anglerfish SL1 320 DN

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