Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ
Rollei 22713

Lion Rock Gimbal L tripod

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Lion Rock Gimbal tripod for animal, nature, sports and astro photographers

The professional Rollei Lion Rock outdoor tripods and tripod heads are now part of the basic equipment of a number of animal, nature, sports and astro photographers who attach particular importance to uncompromising quality, extreme weather resistance and stability. The impressive load capacity and a very low weight make the Lion Rock products ideal for use as a robust and versatile companion on extensive photo trips to exotic and inaccessible locations. The special requirements of photo professionals who work with very heavy and bulky super telephoto lenses served as a practice-oriented basis for a Lion Rock special development:

Enormous load capacity with easy operation

The new Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal special tripod combines the almost legendary properties of the almost indestructible Lion Rock professional tripods with the tracking and alignment qualities of a professional high-end gimbal head. The gimbal with integrated leveling unit rests firmly on the three easily adjustable tripod legs made of pure carbon, precisely wound in 11 layers. Even the heaviest camera-lens combinations can be swiveled intuitively and with minimal effort and, if necessary, fixed bomb-proof. Dynamic motif tracking at sporting events as well as flexible tracking and safe focusing of animals in motion are child's play with the new and extremely stable Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal. The extremely bright and long focal lengths used in astro photography also find the perfect "ground station" in the Lion Rock Gimbal.

Buttery soft and smooth 360 pans from every perspectivee

The Lion Rock Gimbal Tripod, which weighs just 4590 g, stands just as immovably on sensitive parquet as it does on rugged and sharp-edged rock. You can pull the rubber feet off the solid steel spikes with one hand movement, which then claw into ice and rock at the perfect 90-degree outer angle. Several spirit levels, dragonflies and clearly visible scales make exact alignment easier, a long video handle with ergonomic padding helps to move the gimbal freely and quickly. Like all current Rollei tripods, the Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal is supplied with a stable and Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release plate, which, thanks to an integrated safety mechanism, prevents your valuable and heavy photo equipment from slipping.rt.

  • Ideal for nature, animal and sports photography
  • Ideally suited for astrophotography and digiscoping spotting scope, bird watchingng
  • Suitable for telephoto lenses, even with extremely long focal lengths
  • Integrated leveling unit for precise alignment
  • Soft camera movements and smooth pans
  • Detailed scaling and panorama function
  • Safety mechanisms for the tilt axis and the quick release plate to prevent the camera from slipping
  • Integrated spikes specially shaped steel tipsn
Technical specifications


Weight without tripod head: 3057 g
Max. Working height:  
Max. Height: 1560 mm
Min. Height: 210 mm
Pack size: 650 mm
Max. Load: 30000 g
Tripod leg segments: 4th
Tripod leg diameter: 28,32, 36, 40 mm
Material: Carbon

Tripod head

Head type: Gimbal
Control: Pan, fix, tilt
Height: 245 mm
Base width: 90 mm
Weight: 1905 g
Max. Load: 30000 g
Tripod connection 3/8 inch tripod thread
Material: aluminum

Quick release plate

Width: 41 mm
Height: 120 mm
Depth: 13 mm
Weight: 75 mm
scope of delivery
  • 1x tripod Lion Rock Gimbal L
  • 1x gimbal head
  • 1x angle plate
  • 1x bag
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