Digital Picture Frame

Whereas the digital camera’s display screen is often too small and printing out photos in order to show them to friends, family or business partners is too complicated, digital picture frames are ideal. On the high-quality screens you have your most beautiful memories always in view at the highest standard of quality and this is not only true for photos but is also applicable to videos and music. 

Slide Scanners & Photo Scanners

If you’re one of the many people who started photography well before the runaway success of digital cameras, you’re likely to have plenty of slides or negatives in your archives. Or perhaps you’ve decided to have a proper sort through the family memories of yesteryear and make them available to everyone?

Rollei Selfie Accessories

Selfies with your Smartphone or tablet have captured a solid position among the disciplines of photography by now. At first they tended to be ridiculed but particularly creative selfies, spontaneous self- portraits with prominent people or photographs from extremely spectacular perspectives are already considered to be an art form of their own. Selfies taken manually are indeed successful butthe perspective is very limited or the distance is simply not sufficient to be able to get everything into the picture.  In addition, with video selfies there is also the risk of blurring the film completely due to the fact that they are hands-free.

Digital Cameras – the perfect model for any subject

Digital cameras often have the reputation of only being intended for taking snapshots.  For proper photography in contrast you need a single lens reflex or a system camera. That may even have been still correct some years ago but today it is no longer the case. Modern compact cameras are impressive with a remarkable picture quality – even under difficult lighting conditions.