Pissarro DPF-130 Full HD

  • Incl. remote control
  • Supports videofiles in the resolution 480i,480p,576i,576p,720p,1080i (Full HD)
  • Built-in speaker and headphone jack
  • with picture, film, calender and clock funktion
  • with removable bracket and wall mountable

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  • dpf-130 full hd software update

    Hi , is there any software update for pissarro dpf-130 full hd? For example i want to see my foto on clock or calender mode like in Rollei degas dpf-150.

    Answer: Unfortunately there is no such update available for the moment.

  • Inner vs Outer screen dimensions

    Hi, I'm interested in installing a couple of these 130 HD models for an art exhibition. I want to add an additional frame over the top of them, so that the DPF itself isn't visible, only the video that's playing. The videos will be 1080p, full HD, screen ratio of 16:9. What is need to know is the inner dimensions - that is, the height and width of the screen in milimetres MINUS the border, where video is seen. Or the other way around - how thick is the black border that is displayed around images and videos in normal playback mode? The specs state dimensions of 39 x 26,5cm, but I guess these are the outside dimensions. Thanks!

    Answer: This frame has a 13,3" LCD Display in 16:9 format.

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