Rollei Clampod Quick Release Plate

  • Quality Rollei Mini Quick Release Plate
  • Fits for Rollei Clampod Set/Smartphone Holder/Tablet Holder

Those who have been searching for a reliable and yet flexible mounting solution for their other Rollei devices will be pleased at what this mini quick release plate has to offer. Whether intended to be used upon a bicycle or for more static requirements such as a tripod, this plate it extremely easy to install. This is one of the reasons why the plate is perfect for both novices and professionals alike. Some of the applications that can be enjoyed include (but are not limited to) hiking, bird watching, recording social events and everyday photographic needs.

A Quality Rollei Mini Quick Release Plate

As with all other products, this plate is built to last. Fashioned from an aluminium alloy and containing a central stainless steelmounting screw, it is extremely durable. However, a weight of only 18 grams ensures that it will never be too bulky while it is quite easy to transport. 32 millimetres in diameter further add to streamlined transport; a particular concern when one is out and about. A matte black finish is quite stylish and this quick-release plate is able to fit other Rollei smartphone and tablet holders.

Quality Expected Only from Rollei

Like other products within this category, this quick release plate is built to last. It is extremely resistant to the elements while it can be used in both warm and cold temperatures. Thus, Rollei is proud to provide this accessory with an impressive warranty of no less than 24 months. Should a defect in manufacture be discovered, the company will be quite pleased to replace the unit at no additional charge to the customer. Please note that smartphone or tablet holders are not included with this plate. Those who desire a secure and convenient mounting system will certainly not be disappointed.

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