Rollei DF-S 190 SE

  • 9.0 megapixel
  • 6.1 cm (2.4") TFT colour display
  • Scan quality: 3600 dpi
  • Colour depth: 10 Bit per colour channel
  • TV output
  • USB 2.0 connection

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  • Rollei DF-S 190 SE

    He adquirido un DF-S 190 SE pero el PC no lo reconoce. El CD no proporciona los drivers.

    Answer: The scanner can be used only as a mass storage device with the computer. For the connection there is no special driver needed.

  • DF-S 190 SE Filmscanner

    Gibt es Ersatz Negativschlitten für den Filmscanner DF-S 190 SE zu kaufen, und wenn ja, wo?

    Answer: Ersatzhalter können über unsere Hotline unter 0631/3428449 gegen Vorkasse bestellt werden.

  • OS compatibility

    Is the scanner compatible with Linux system?

    Answer: The scanner works as a stand-alone-device. It can be connected to the computer only as a usb mass storage device. This works also on Linux systems.

  • DF-S 190 SE Matrix

    Ich möchte fragen, was ist das Matrix-Modell mit DF-S 190 SE?

    Answer: Was verstehen Sie unter dem "Matrix-Modell"? Could you please explain what the "matrix model" should be?

  • installeten

    I can not get the installade on the computer. i have windows 7

    Answer: The Rollei DF-S 190 SE is a stand-alone device. The connection to the computer can only be used to download the scanned pictures.

  • Pc system

    Hi, I'd like to know if your scan DF-S 290 HD, and DF-S 190 SE support Windows8

    Answer: Since both scanners are stand-alone devices, they can also be used with Windows 8.

  • Convert negative BW

    color negatives is fine, when I select does not reverse negative BW

    Answer: Did you set the right film type in the menu?

  • Operation

    I have a DF-S 190 SE film scanner which I have not used for a couple of years. Now, when connected to the computer when I switch on it automatically switches it's self off after several seconds. Am I missing something??? Best Regards Ian Storey

    Answer: The scanner can only be used to transfer the already scanned pictures to th computer. The scanning itself can only be done at the scanner. If the scanner switches completely off while connected to the computer, the scanner has to be sent to the repair service.

  • Display non visualizza menu Home

    quando si accende non visualizza il menù Home

    Answer: Si dovrebbe provare lo scanner con un'altra scheda di memoria. Se il problema rimane lei dovrebbe rivolgersi al servizio tecnico.

  • Dia Film Scanner DF-S 190 SE

    I just bought this product and after just loading 5 slides and downloading them on my computer a FULL sign appeared and I am not able to use it anymore. I have checked and on my computer it says that the folder is empty, so there is no reason why the full sign should appear. Also I never even put an sd card in it how can it be full? please help I bought this through and I would much rather fix it then send it back. Thank you Monica Giuliani

    Answer: The Rollei Scanner DF-S 190 SE provides an internal memory if no memory card is inserted. On this internal memory up to 10 pictures can be stored. In your case you should format the internal memory with the format function in the setup menu of the scanner.

  • Download straight to mac

    Hi, is there a way of scanning a slide straight to a folder on my mac rather than to an sd card which I then have to upload to the mac? Thanks Andy

    Answer: Unfortunately that's not possible. The Rollei DF-S 190 SE is a stand alone printer and You have to do it through Your SD-Card.

  • phots

    can I scan old phots with this

    Answer: The Rollei DF-S 190 SE can not scan photos, only slides and negatives. To scan photos you can use the Rollei PDF-S 330 Pro or the Rollei PDF-S 240 SE.



    Answer: Please send the scanner DF-S 190 SE in for a checkup and repair

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