Sensor Cleaning

No more dust on the sensor!

Every camera sensor will gather dirt over the long term – from the air when changing the lens (static charging) or from within
because of mechanical abrasion. Granted, for retouching a picture it is mostly not a problem to just wipe off a few little
smudges with the stamping tool. However, when there are lots of pictures it quickly becomes annoying.
Every particle on the sensor makes itself noticeable through dark spots on the image. If these “culprits” are always located in the same place in the picture this means that the sensor is dirty. Unfortunately, in addition the automatic sensor cleaning often does not here lead to a satisfactory result. This is where the Rollei sensor brushes come in, for you to simply wipe away dirt and dust – carefully and with a steady hand.

Dirty Sensor Clean Sensor  
 5 Tips for Sensor Cleaning
 1. Constantly check your images for spots.
 2. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
 3. Ensure that the environment is as dust-free as possible.
 4. Wear suitable gloves.
 5. Use a new sensor brush each time you clean.


8 Steps towards a Clean Sensor

Simple and Safe!!

1. Charge the battery fully.
2. Take a picture. Look carefully to see exactly where the smudges are located on the image.
3. Now, put on the Rollei Cleaning Gloves.
4. Now, clean the sensor with the Rollei Camera Air Blower.
5. Next, wipe the sensor dry (!) with a new Rollei Sensor Brush.
6. Take a photo for test purposes.
7. If needed, clean the sensor with the Rollei Sensor Cleaning Fluid. Use no more than one drop.
8. Finally, take a test photo and check whether all spots have disappeared. If this is not the case,
please repeat the process as often as it is needed until the test photo is spotless.


5 Steps towards a Clean Camera

1. Wear suitable gloves.
2. Take off the lens and close the camera body with
a cover cap.
3. Now, take a brush and clean the camera and places
that are difficult to access.
4. Clean the front and rear glass of lenses.
5. Take test photos in order to run a check.