Rollei Magic Cleaning Cloth 100er Set

  • Provide squeaky clean, lint-free displays and lenses
  • Practically single packed

Why a Lens Cleaning Cloth is so useful

The lens on a camera is integral to the quality of a captured picture or video, which is why the Rollei Magic Cleaning Cloth is a must-have for professionals and amateurs alike. Made from an optimised, high-tech cleaning material, this 50-set supply of cleaning cloths is a reliable and safe option for removing oils, smudges and dust from your lens without risking scratches.

The Other Uses for a Rollei Magic Cloth

Of course, any sensitive surface would benefit from a clean with this innovative cloth, whether it’s the lens of a camcorder or the screen on a smartphone. These days, a lot of technology is touchscreen oriented, so having a handy, lint-free wipe to remove any fingerprints or oils can be very useful, particularly as a phone screen can become dirty quite often, and repeated cleans with anything other than the surface-friendly material of a Rollei Magic Cleaning Cloth will often cause scratches.

The Unique Features of this Product

The interesting thing about this reusable and disposable lens cloth is that it is made from pure wood fiber, which allows the cloth to be thin and lint-free without compromising on performance. For sensitive surfaces, this ensures that there are no fibers left behind and the cleaning process is quick and easy.

Taking Care of Expensive Equipment

Electronics equipment can be expensive, especially cameras and smartphones. Therefore, it makes sense to use an affordable Rollei Magic Cleaning Cloth to safely clean lenses and screens to ensure no scratches are left and the result is a crystal-clear surface. A pack of 50 cloths will allow for regular cleaning without having to use the same dirty material again. Experience the benefits of this efficient and reliable Lens Cleaning Cloth to ensure a scratch-free surface.

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