Rollei Sensor Cleaning Fluid (30 ml)

  • Sensor cleaning fluid for professional wet cleaning of full format and APS-C sensors, for efficient removal of dust or condensation spots.
  • To clean the sensor without leaving smears, no more than max. 1 drop of the fluid may be used.
  • For the cleaning, sensor brushes are needed in addition.
  • The sensor cleaning fluid is alcohol-free and contains no poisonous or flammable additives. Don’t eat or play!

Rollei Sensor Cleaning Fluid

One benefit of a digital SLR camera is the possibility of choosing a lens to suit any photo circumstance. A lid usually protects both the inside of the camera body and the lens elements against environmental conditions and dirt. However, depending on how well practised you are, dust, rain, sand or other dirt particles can still find their way onto the sensitive lenses and image sensor. Use the Rollei Lens Cleaning Set for gentle and professional cleaning of lenses, the image chip requires a suitable sensor brush, if necessary with a special cleaning fluid.

Economical and efficient

Just one drop of the Rollei Sensor Cleaning Fluid is sufficient for durable and smear-free removal of dust, lint, sand or especially annoying condensation stains Once applied to the individually packed and absolutely dust-free sensor brush, a single wipe usually suffices for all sensor cells to be in perfect working order again. Of course, the Sensor Cleaning Fluid is suitable for digital cameras with APS-C or full frame sensors. The fluid contains neither alcohol nor toxic nor flammable additives, the handy 30ml bottle will last for many applications thanks to its excellent cleaning properties, and is small enough to fit into a trouser pocket.


Width 10 cm
Height 18.2 cm
Depth 5 cm
Weight 83 g
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