Rollei Sensor Swabs for cameras with APS-C sensor (10 pcs.)

  • For professional wet or dry cleaning of cameras
  • The sensor brushes are individually vacuum packed and dust-free.
  • For wet cleaning without leaving smears, sensor cleaning fluid is needed.

Rollei Sensor Swabs for cameras with APS-C sensor

There is a lot to be said in favour of mirror-less system cameras with interchangeable lenses. Outdoors, the highly sensitive image sensors are exposed to the elements for a certain time whilst lenses are changed, or indoors to dust particles in the studio. Special aids are needed in order to gently clean the image sensor. Sensor brushes or so-called swabs are used to professionally clean a camera sensor.

Packaged dust-free single-use sensor swabs, in the correct size

The swab must be made of the right material and be the right width in order to clean the image sensor professionally. A swab that is too wide cannot properly cover the width of the entire sensor and a swab that is too narrow can leave behind traces of dirt as it is necessary to wipe over the area twice. The 10 Rollei sensor swabs for cameras with APS-C sensors are individually packaged dust-free and are the perfect size for your SLR’s image sensor. They can be used dry to remove dust or lint or with Rollei sensor fluid to clean away condensation stains. One drop usually suffices to get rid of the stains.


Width 8 cm
Height 19 cm
Depth 1.5 cm
Weight 61 g
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