Rollei Pro Camera Strap Double Rollei Pro Camera Strap Double
Rollei Pro Camera Strap Single Rollei Pro Camera Strap Single
Rollei Pro Camera Strap Flex Rollei Pro Camera Strap Flex
Rollei Camera Strap Easy Rollei Camera Strap Easy

New Camera Straps from Rollei

Rollei is setting new standards with the Double Profi Camera Strap and the Single Profi Camera Strap. These extremely stable camera straps offer excellent flexibility combined with great safety. By using the quick-release fastener, cameras can be attached to any point on the strap so that they don’t get in the way when walking or making other movements.  Cameras can be quickly pushed to the front by quickly opening the fastener.

Single and Double Profi Camera Straps are fitted with an Arca-Swiss- compatible,  removable tripod-plate so that your camera can quickly be mounted on a tripod and also swiftly reattached to your strap.

Rollei Profi Camera Straps – available up to 30 kg

Rollei Profi Camera Straps can carry up to 30 kg. With the Double Profi Camera Strap, 15 kilos can be loaded on each side. Single and Flex Profi Camera Straps can each carry cameras weighing 15 kilos.

The Single Profi Camera Strap impresses because of its optimal carrying comfort, which is ensured by three rows of air cushions. This means that you can carry your heavy cameras without putting too much stress on your back. The Double Camera Strap can also be used as a single strap.

There is something here to meet the demands of everyone, from the professional to the amateur photographer.