Rollei Camera Strap Easy

  • For round and rectangle strap mounts
  • Loadable up to 6 kg

Rollei Camera Strap Easy

As the name suggests, this DSLR neck strap is user-friendly and convenient. Many hobby photographers underestimate how useful such a sling strap can be; not only does it hold the camera when you currently need your hands for something else, it offers that needed layer of security when taking photographs. Accidental slipping is not uncommon and no one needs a broken camera or lens. A proper robust strap will not allow for this to happen, making them one of the most highly regarded camera accessories.

Convenience Is Key

The Rollei Camera Strap Easy, which can also be used as a shoulder strap, is suitable for both round and rectangle strap mounts, thus being able to accommodate a variety of cameras up to its maximum holding weight of 6kg. The length of the strap is quickly adjusted to the desired setting and the fastening of the camera is just as simple. Made in Germany, the DSLR neck strap is in the typical camera black so as to be aesthetically suitable for all cameras. Mobility is assured with such a strap, so shots can always be taken in moments when quick thinking and movement are required.

This neck strap is a good choice for all photographers with suitable cameras and Rollei will not disappoint. A 24-month warranty demonstrates the confidence that Rollei has in its products.

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