Rollei Profi Camera Strap Double

  • Ergonomically designed camera strap for carrying two cameras
  • Can also be used as a single strap
  • For the use of heavy cameras (up to 15 kg on each side)
  • The wide shoulder pads balance the weight of the cameras perfectly on both shoulders.
  • Chest strap fixes the harness on the upper body
  • Lockable quick release fasteners prevent undesired slipping of the cameras and enable the quick disconnecting of the camera and the strap
  • Two rubberized quick release plates are simultaneously Arca Swiss compatible tripod release plates (each loadable up to 18 kg)

This tremendously easy to use and ergonomically-designed camera strap is designed to carry not one, but two cameras, making it the ideal product for busy photographers. Suited to photo journalists, wedding photographers and amateur image makers who use more than one camera to obtain a variety of pictures, the product can also be used as a single function strap, if preferred. Although it will suit all sorts of SLRs and digital camera equipment, the Rollei Pro Camera Strap Double is designed to handle heavy equipment. Indeed, up to a maximum of 15 kilos can be attached on either side. The camera neck strap has wide shoulder pads that help to balance the weight of the cameras against the wearer's body. Due to it fitting perfectly on both shoulders, the strap allows weighty cameras to be carried about in comfort. An additional chest strap can be used to fix the harness to the upper body, for extra strength.

Camera Neck Strap in Detail

This professional quality camera harness system is manufactured with tough rubberised aluminium. The strap's twin rubberised quick release plates can also be used with Arca Swiss tripod release plates; each of which are able to handle loads of up to 18 kilos. Furthermore, the harness' lockable fasteners prevent undesired slipping but are quickly released so that you don't ever have a problem getting your lens pointing in the right direction rapidly.

The product is supplied with safety straps and full operating instructions so that even a novice camera operator can get the best use out of the product within a few minutes. The double camera neck strap is also sold with a 24 month replacement warranty, so you can try one out in the knowledge that it is a product which will be able to handle the rigours of many days use in the field, no matter what you happen to be shooting.

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