Rollei Pro Fader ND Photo Filter ND2-400 62mm

  • Adjustable ND filter for a variable reduction of light
  • For long exposures, flow and wipe effects
  • Made of Japanese Optical Glass for highest picture quality
  • Water, oil and stain repellent, scratch resistant
  • 16 layers coating
  • Available in diameters 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82 mm

Rollei Pro Fader ND Photo Filter ND2-400

ND photo filters serve to reduce the amount of incoming light on the film or image sensor if time-lapse photography in daylight requires extended exposure times that a lens is incapable of. As developments forge ahead, digital SLR camera sensor cells are becoming more and more sensitive to light. In digital photography, it is necessary to use a natural grey tinted ND filter to capture blurring motion, eliminate unwanted people or vehicles or create a smooth water surface. Photographers usually carry a selection of ND filters with them in different filter factors and for different lens sizes to cater for various light conditions and desired effects.

ND circular filter for filter factors from ND2 to ND400

A variable ND filter means you can react quicker and more flexibly to the surroundings and lighting conditions. The Rollei ND filter ND2-400 covers a wide range of possible and desired exposure times, from a slight in-motion blur to a silky-smooth portrayal of rippling water that is actually quite rough. The 16-layer multi-coating on the HD Japanese glass and the very uniform neutral grey tone meet the very special demands of outdoor photographers. Simply rotate the two-piece lens holder to the desired degree of density; a clear scale with increasing and decreasing symbols shows you how the filter factor is set. The variable ND circular filter is available for lens diameters from 49 to 82mm.


Width 6.9 cm
Height 6.9 cm
Depth 1 cm
Weight 27 g
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