Rollei Compactline 83 Schwarz

  • 8.0 Megapixel
  • 6.85 cm (2.7") TFT colour display
  • HD video resolution (720p)
  • Integrated microfone

Introducing the vigorous Compactline 83

Optical equipment giant Rollei has recently released another digital camera fit for photography enthusiasts. The Compactline 83 is Rollei’s newest compact digital camera, a masterpiece of technological engineering, capable of competing against professional cameras with ease. This small digital camera is efficient in capturing photos and videos in clear HD quality with extreme detail and clarity.

Accessibility and proficiency define the Compactline 83

Are you tired of carrying around heavy equipment for your professional camera everywhere you go? Why spend a small fortune on a professional camera that takes up so much room in your travelling luggage, when the Compactline 83 fits perfectly in your pocket, and its accessories take up only a bit of space in your handbag or backpack. The light-weight Compactline sports a modern, stylish and compact design, making it very easy to pack and carry with little to no effort.

Have you ever missed the opportunity to capture a memorable moment while struggling to get your camera out of your handbag? With the Rollei Compactline 83 you’ll never have this problem, as it is easy to carry and store and with excellent and swift shutter speed, you can snap a picture as fast as you can say cheese!

This small digital camera packs a mean punch, being stacked with features and different operating modes to offer perfection every time, even in the worst weather conditions and lighting. The Compactline features a panorama function, manual exposure correction, anti-shake, zoom, clock-wise picture rotation and a multi snapshot function, as well as 9 scene modes. It also features a video and photo user friendly manager, which puts this Rollei camera right up there with the best and most expensive professional cameras.

Cherish every moment with the Compactline 83

If you enjoy capturing precious moments as they unravel, or if you are a photography enthusiast looking for a compact, light-weight, HD capable camera, then the Compactline 83 is perfect for you!


Width 10 cm
Height 6 cm
Depth 1.8 cm
Weight 75 g
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  • Power

    Hi, does the Compactline 83 re-charge via a USB or another source?

    Answer: The Rollei Compactline 83 can be re-charged via USB or any mains adapter with an output of 5 V and at least 500 mA.

  • Cannot download pics

    I formatted the SD card like the manual said and took some pictures. The pictures show up on the camera, but my pc cannot read the SD card either in or out of the camera. what can be donE

    Answer: Please check if the same problem occurs with a second memory card. In this case you have to send the camer ato the repair service.

  • carica della batteria

    Ho caricato la batteria tramite USB 1 volta, ed è andato tutto bene. La seconda volta non da cenni di collegamento al pc e la camera non si accende più. cosa devo fare?

    Answer: Purtroppo lei deve rivolgersi al servizio nel suo paese oppure al venditore della fotocamera.

  • Language

    Hello, What are the language options? Is Danish an option? Sincerly, Asif Iqbal

    Answer: The Rollei Compactline 83 has in languages ​​options also Danish for selection

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