Rollei Degas DPF-150 Black

  • Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Incl. remote control
  • Built-in speaker and headphone jack
  • with picture, film, calender and clock funktion
  • with removable bracket and wall mountable

The Degas DPF-150 offers the ability to display digital photographs in high definition with the added benefit of providing a streamlined and truly modern look. One of the hallmarks of this model is the fact that it boasts an impressive resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. While this amenity in and of itself is never to be overlooked, a massive screen width of 375 millimetres (no less than 15 inches) enables even panoramic and wide-angle shots to be displayed with beauty and crispness. What are some other highlights of this frame and why is it so popular with photography enthusiasts?

A Digital Photo Frame 15 Inch for Every Need

One of the main windfalls of this product is the fact that it can display a slideshow of ten different images. Therefore, it is never static in nature. The transition speed between frames can be adjusted as can the brightness, contrast and saturation of each photo. So, displaying your most important life events and adventures could not be easier. As this digital photo frame (15 inch) can support a memory card, it is simple to transfer your files from your Rollei ActionCam into the unit within a matter of seconds. Still, there are other modern benefits which should not be overlooked.

The frame comes equipped with a remote control and it can be mounted on a wall or placed upon a flat surface with the use of a bracket. Music can be played alongside the pictures and even a headphone jack is built into this clever device.

Whether you are hoping to display an excursion with your friends or show your friends at the office your newborn child, the uses of this innovative frame are nearly endless. Choosing one makes a great gift idea for yourself or someone you care about.


Width 37.5 cm
Height 29.4 cm
Depth 1.8 cm
Weight 1513 g
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