Rollei Pissarro DPF-85 White

  • Incl. remote control
  • With photo, calender, clock and memory function
  • 4 Display Modes: slideshow, preview, zoom, rotate function
  • Built- in clock an calender with slide show
  • with removable bracket and wall mountable

The Pissarro DPF-85 is an electronic photo frame that offers a wide range of functionality, including slideshow features, a clock and calendar, and video playback. Simply insert a memory card, transfer images or a video and the photo frame will display those cherished memories.

The Usefulness of this Electronic Photo Frame

For those that don’t have a great deal of wall space to display lots of pictures, the Pissarro DPF-85 will come in handy. The slideshow feature allows multiple pictures to be displayed in one picture frame, making this device an extremely useful display.

The Pissarro DPF-85 can be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf with the stand, providing great flexibility of use. For hanging on a wall, the hook on the back of the frame can hang off of a nail, with the stand flush to the back.

The four display modes for the Pissarro DFP-85 allow you to preview images, zoom and rotate them, and play slideshows. In particular, in slideshow mode there are customisable options such as a choice of up-to ten transitions and adjustable speeds, as well as speakers.

While the main function of the Pissarro DFP-85 a slideshow picture frame, purchase your own and you will find that it has many other uses. For instance, you can turn the frame into a display for a calendar or a clock.

The frame is removable, providing the option for attaching your own for maximum customisability. Currently, there are two colours that the frame comes in: black and white. Both are stylish, sleek and fit nicely on a shelf or wall.

With your new Pissarro DPF-85, you can have something in your home that will really stand out.


Width 21.4 cm
Height 17.3 cm
Depth 2.2 cm
Weight 458 g
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  • Tehnical details?

    For example, what is the resolution?

    Answer: You will find all technical details on the data sheet which it available in the download window here:,p186781#downloads

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