Rollei Pro Display Protection for Fuji X-T1/X-T2

  • 0.3mm ultra thin optical glass
  • Light transmittance> 95%
  • Self-adhesive property to glass, adhesive force of 130 g / m2
  • Scratch-proof, shatter-proof, shock-proof - only diamond is harder!
  • Anti-aging, anti-dust, anti-sweat and anti-glare
  • Suitable for touch screens and swiveling screens
  • Screen Protector forms a unit with the camera

The Rollei Pro Display screen protector offers a robust yet practical LCD cover. Cameras are expensive and a clear display is important for viewing and assessing the quality of photos on the move. With an LCD protector, users needn’t have to worry about dust, scratches or cracks obscuring the view, and the anti-glare properties of this product ensure pictures can be seen in bright sunlight.

Protects the Camera Display

On the move, a camera is often shaken and bumped as the user gets into position for the perfect shot. With protection six layers thick, the Rollei Pro Display guard is resistant to these hazards, offering defence from shocks and scratches. The display cover is 0.3 mm thick with a precision polishing layer on the top, as well as shatter-proof, combination and frame layers below.

Easy to Fit and Secure

Attaching the display protector to the screen is a layer of silicone adhesive, which has 130 g/m² of adhesive power for a secure fitting. The cover is anti-aging and protects against sweat. Users benefit from helpful accessories such as wet cleaning paper and a card to remove the protector easily, ensuring that no damage is done to the screen during fitting and removing.

Practical and Available for Many Models

Whether taking pictures of landscapes or stunning architecture, being able to assess the quality of a capture is important for knowing what filters and lenses to use. With this product, not only does it protect the screen but also allows for a clear view with 95% light transmittance. Camera models from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and other brands can use this screen guard, compatible with swivel and touch screens. Protect against screen damage with the strong and practical features of the Rollei Pro Display.

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