Rollei Pro Filter Cleaner

  • The Rollei Pro Filter Cleaner is to clean the Rollei Professional Rectangular filter.
  • Reliably removes dirt and fi ngerprints in seconds
  • No cleaning fl uids, therefore no drying out
  • Includes two cleaning heads for replacement

Rollei Filter Cleaner

Even in today’s era of digital image processing, high-quality filters for cameras are still very popular with ambitious pro and amateur photographers alike. For some subjects or colour effects, post-processing the shot to get the right quality is either time-consuming or downright impossible. For filters to perform at their very best, they need to be properly stored in the right conditions and care must be taken when cleaning their optical surfaces.

Gentle yet powerful

Rollei Filter Cleaner is not only perfectly matched to the new professional Rollei filters, but its regular use can also significantly extend the life of colour and effect filters supplied by other manufacturers. After all, when high-end light sensors are used, even the smallest of scratches or dust particles trapped on the filter surface can produce clearly visible artefacts and require time-consuming retouching work.


Width 4.3 cm
Height 8.2 cm
Depth 1.6 cm
Weight 25 g
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