Pro Square

Rollei Pro Square Filter Storage Box for 100mm

  • Storage Box for Pro Square Filters
  • Up to 6 Rollei Profi Square Filters can be protected, stored and transported in this artificial-leather storage pouch
  • The storage box is for GND and ND
  • Rectangular Filter widths of 100 mm

Storage Pouch for Profi Rectangular Filters (for 100 mm)

Rollei Photo Filters are made with a very high level of workmanship and have a long service life. To extend their durability even longer you should make sure that the filters are transported safely and securely stored. You have invested in thoroughly professional accessories for your camera and these too should be carefully protected.

The Storage Pouch for rectangular filters with a width of 100 mm is made of high-quality artificial leather and is therefore very robust. There is room inside the pouch for up to six Rollei Profi Filters. ND and GND filters are thus best kept in the insert pockets.

Filter Box to protect rectangular photo filters

Dirt, scratches, glass breakage – these are the main enemies of your Profi Filters! The Filter Box is the best way to keep your filters firmly in place horizontally and secure them against scratches, breakage and dirt. There is no way that bumping and shaking can damage your filters. This is the ideal way to carry them and to secure the best opportunity for a photo.

The Storage Pouches are compact and fit into any professional photo bag. The filters are packed closely together for optimal protection and storage. The Filter Boxes are stable and protective, yet light and easy to carry.


Width 11.2 cm
Height 16 cm
Depth 3.6 cm
Weight 244 g
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