PDF-S 240 SE photo and diascanner

  • 5.1 Megapixel
  • 6.1 cm (2.4") TFT colour display
  • Automatic exposure
  • Scanning without a computer
  • USB 2.0

One of the most interesting features of this "multi scanner" is that is can be used without needing a computer. As it weighs only 1.2 kilograms, it is also very light and able to be transported easily. So, it is a great addition to take along on a family outing or even a holiday abroad. This versatility is enhanced by its ability to view all images on an extremely large TFT display of 6.1 centimetres (2.4 inches). The user can quickly upload any films and photos that are contained within slides and transfer these directly into the memory of the scanner.

A Multi Scanner with a Standalone Superiority

The PDF-S 240 SE is able to support SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards. One-touch operation enables any scan to be completed quickly and images can be produced to a powerful clarity of 5.1 megapixels.

Three Different Trays

Another interesting feature of the 240 SE is that three different photo trays are all included in the unit. This will enable the user to choose the most appropriate dimensions. One negative film holder and one slide holder are likewise available. Combined with a USB power cable and BlazePhoto 2.0 picture editing software, this unit can be seen as a truly universal solution.

Your new multi scanner will ensure that your memories stay alive.


Width 20.8 cm
Height 22 cm
Depth 14.7 cm
Weight 1200 g
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  • Rollei PDF-S 240 SE

    he adquirido este producto y no vienen las instrucciones en español. Podrían enviarme el tutorial en español? gracias. rollei photo dia film scanner PDF - S 240 SE

    Answer: The manual for this scanner model is not available in Spanish.

  • Hola

    Hola Rollei. Tengo de PDF-S 240 SE, necesito descagar de español y programa de ordenador de español. Gracias

    Answer: Desafortunadamente, no existe un manual de instrucciones español para ara este modélo de escáner. Solo podemos ofrecer le un manual en francés, ingles ó alemán. Un programa para este escáner no es necesario, el proceso de captura se hace directamente en el escáner sin connectarlo a un ordenador.

  • Functionality

    For photos, can you bulk feed photos or do you have to manually put in one by one ?

    Answer: Photos can only be scanned one by one. There is no option for batch scanning photos.

  • Scanner rollei PDF S240 SE

    Manuale istruzioni per l'uso

    Answer: Si prega di contattare il nostro servizio a service@rcp-technik.de per un manuale in italiano per il Rollei PDF-S 240 SE.

  • mac?

    Hola, querría saber si el scanner es compatible con Mac. Muchas gracias

    Answer: The Rollei PDF-S 240 SE can also be used with Mac.

  • Windows 8

    ¿Es compatible con Windows 8?

    Answer: The scanner Rollei PDF-S 240 SE works without any computer. The connection to a computer can be used to transfer the image files and is compatbile to all Windows systems.

  • soporte negativos

    He recibido mi pdf-s 240 SE, y ha llegado con dos soportes para escanear diapositivas, y ninguno para escanear negativos. Por las fotos, parece q hay ciertas diferencias. Cómo puedo conseguir el soporte para las películas?? De la pregunta anterior, entiendo que no es compatible con Apple para transferir directamente. gracias

    Answer: Please contact our service center via service@rcp-technik.de. Our staff will gladly send you the missing part.

  • Andorra

    ¿Pueden servir este artículo en Andorra?

    Answer: Lo sentimos, por el momento no entregamos a Andorra.

  • Reflect

    when i do a photo, i see the camera reflected. It's normal? when i scan films it's all ok

    Answer: Please send us a Picture via E-Mail Service@rcp-Technik.com

  • Old negatives

    ¿does it work with old negatives 90 x 60 mm? Thanks in advance

    Answer: This scanner doesn't work with 90x60 mm negatives.

  • dust

    How to remove dust from the device

    Answer: You can use the small cleaning brush that came with the scanner.

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