Rollei DF-S 500 SE Black

  • 5.0 Megapixel
  • Scan quality: 3600 dpi
  • USB 2.0 connection

This cheap slide scanner is another quality product offered by Rollei. Perfect for permanently storing an outdoor adventure, images of a football match or stunning pictures of nature, this unit boasts a full five megapixels of resolution. As it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, it is as universal as it is a cost-effective solution for your photographic needs. The lens is made from four separate glass components while both exposure and colour control are adjusted automatically. These features will enable you to accurately scan and store your images with little prior experience.

Features of this Cheap Slide Scanner

As it is fitted with a convenient USB port, the scanner can be directly attached to a Rollei ActionCam in a matter of seconds. A weight of only 580 grams also enables the entire unit to be manipulated easily; perfect for on-the-go scans. Three LED bulbs will provide ample lighting while generating little heat during the scan. Of particular interest is that this scanner is equipped with two different slide attachments; one for black-and-white and another for colour channels. Other amenities include:

- One cleaning brush.
- One USB 2.0 cable.
- One software package.
- An ability to scan all mounted slides.

For anyone who has been searching for a streamlined means to permanently store photos from a recent camping trip or a day at the races, this slide scanner is an ideal option. Acquiring one today will enable you and your friends to relive memories in digital clarity.


Width 15.2 cm
Height 8.6 cm
Depth 8.2 cm
Weight 580 g
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  • scanner

    it is the scanner only for 35mm or it can be used with 120 film? thanks in advance!

    Answer: This scanner can only treat 35mm films.

  • Old DF-S 50

    is there a driver for this old scanner to work with Windows 10 Thank you

    Answer: Unfortunately, it's not possible to use your scanner with a platform later then Windows 7.

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