Rollei Stative Urban Traveler - Reisestativ
Rollei Stative Urban Traveler - Reisestativ
Rollei Stative Urban Traveler - Reisestativ
Rollei Stative Urban Traveler - Reisestativ
Rollei Stative Urban Traveler - Reisestativ
Rollei Stative Urban Traveler - Reisestativ

Urban Traveler tripod

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Travel tripod made of carbon - Urban Traveler

Our new one Carbon tripod 'Urban Traveler' lives up to its name. Of the Urban Traveler - the city traveler - is exactly the companion you need for light-footed city trips. The tripod is off Carbon manufactured and therefore not only extremely resistant, but also particularly light. This puts you in the fortunate position of being able to confidently invest your personal carrying capacity in other things that you want to take with you in your backpack.



That too Pack size is 51.5 cm completely geared towards city trips. Thanks to the particularly easy-to-use quick-release fasteners of the Tripod you can slide it together within seconds. Its compactness benefits from the fact that we did it on purposenot deliver with a center column. But if you still have oneCenter column If you need more working height, you can of course buy the column as a supplement. So here you get a tripod that you can easily attach to a backpack and even grasp with one hand. Due to its compactness and also the fact that it is so narrow, it is ideally suited for DSLM cameras, but can also be used very well for DSLR, as it is a Payload of up to 8 kg has and at the same time only 1.122 kg weighs.



This flexibility does not end at the lower end of the tripod either. Because our Urban Traveler has spikes for an even better stand. But why flexible? Because the spikes are covered with rubber caps when you don't need them. So you can take photos without scratches on parquet and equally stable on the ground. You will be amazed by the feel of the tripod legs. Because with their rubber coating, they are not only absolutely grippy, but also flatter your hand..



Leveling is integrated in the tripod shoulder so that you can align your camera properly at all times. You can align the tripod straight over your shoulder - even if the surface on which the tripod is standing is uneven. The tripod head supplied is a multifunctional ball head that has two panorama axes. So you can take panorama pictures in portrait and landscape format without any problems. So that your camera is protected from falling out, there is a safety mechanism where your quick release plate engages, like oursLion rock series.



On the side of the tripod shoulder you will also find a ¼-inch thread with which you can connect any accessories that have such a thread. For example, a microphone, an action cam or even a tablet that you can connect to your camera to instantly display your pictures.


  • Robust and ultra slim carbon travel tripod with a pack size of 51.5cm and a weight of only 1122g.
  • Ideal for DSLM cameras, ideally suited for city tours and long hikes.
  • 360 ball head with panorama function and leveling unit in the shoulder for quick alignment of the camera..
  • Scaling on the lowest leg segment and integrated spikes under the rubber feet.
  • 1/4 inch thread for mounting accessories, optionally expandable with a center column.
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
Technical specifications


Weight without tripod head: 837 g
Max. Working height: 1280 mm
Max. Height: 1280 mm
Min. Height: 150 mm
Pack size: 515 mm
Max. Load: 8000 g
Tripod leg segments: 4th
Tripod leg diameter: 22, 19, 16, 13 mm
Material: Carbon

Tripod head

Head type: Multifunctional ball head
Steering: Pivoting, tilting, locking
Arca Swiss Compatible: Yes
Height: 73 mm
Base width: 45 mm
Weight: 285 g
Max. Load: 8000 g
Tripod connection 3/8 inch thread
Material: aluminum

Quick release plate

Broad: 41 mm
Height: 50 mm
Depth: 16 mm
Weight: 29 g
scope of delivery
  • 1x tripod
  • 1x ball head
  • 1x quick release plate
If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
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