Tripod C5i
Tripod C5i
  • Compact, 4x extendible 4-in-1 tripod
  • Light aluminium-magnesium construction
  • Max. height: 159 cm
  • Max. load: 8 kg
  • ARCA SWISS compatible
  • Conversion to monopod possible
  • Easy handling thanks to quick shoe camera mount
  • Tripod head with spirit leveln for vertical and horizontal alignment

Monkey Pod Mini Tripod
Monkey Pod Mini Tripod
  • Adaptive compact tripod
  • Ultra-lightweight for traveling
  • Very flexible legs for bending, winding or folding – ideal for all surfaces, angles and situations
  • Suitable for Smartphones*, Actioncams and compact cameras*
  • With non-slip rubber feets
  • Tripod legs with roughened, comfortable foam surface, to increase the holding or gripping strength
  • Adapter with ¼ inch screw