Rollei Monkey Pod Mini Tripod Green

  • Adaptive compact tripod
  • Ultra-lightweight for traveling
  • Very flexible legs for bending, winding or folding – ideal for all surfaces, angles and situations
  • Suitable for Smartphones*, Actioncams and compact cameras*
  • With non-slip rubber feets
  • Tripod legs with roughened, comfortable foam surface, to increase the holding or gripping strength
  • Adapter with ¼ inch screw

Rollei Mini Aluminium Tripod

It’s the bane of hand-held photography, and dreaded by pro and amateur photographers alike. Can you guess what it is? You got it: camera shake. Red-eye effects can be avoided by using the right flash settings or corrected later on the computer. The same goes for contrast problems and colour shifts. But a blurred image stays blurred forever – even the best image processing application in the world isn’t going to be able to rescue the shot.

While many photographers own a tripod, it’s a pain to lug it around just in case it’s needed for that one shot. Enter the Rollei Aluminium Tripod: weighing a mere 166 g, its stowed size of 17.8 cm even fits into jacket or coat pockets. Many modern camera bags already come with clips or lashing straps for mini tripods.

Mini tripod plus 360° ball head

The rugged, weather-resistant aluminium legs are fitted with non-slip rubber feet and jacketed in a foam material that is pleasant to handle. The Mini Tripod is supplied with a 360° ball head featuring a standard 1/4-inch screw mount and is perfectly safe to use even on inclined surfaces. When folded together, the Rollei Mini Aluminium Tripod converts into an ergonomic and comfortable grip for your SLR, digital camera or action cam.


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.08 kg
Min height 5.4 cm
Max height 13 cm
Tripod load 0.5 kg

Mini tripod

Weight (excl. ball head) 0.08 kg
Max height 13 cm
Min height 5.4 cm
Load 0.5 kg

Ball head

Name Smartphonehalterung und Adapter mit 1/4 Zoll schraube
Controls pan, tilt, lock
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